Steve and Hawk,
I never doubted the information on Russian troops being brought over as
permanent party personnel on our military installations, and today I got to
meet 2 families that came to tube on our sledding hill at our resort. There
were 2 men with their wives and each had 2 children with them. One of the
men demanded a discount on the cheapest ticket, saying he was military and
flashed his ID to prove it-when I tried to scruitinize it closely, he
quickly put it away. I only saw his picture on an ID very similar to my old
Air Force ID card. I told him we didn't offer discounts and he got very
arrogant, disrespectful, and rude. The other man acted in the same manner
and their wives were very demanding and rude as well. I asked one of the
wives where they were from even though I already knew they were Russian.
She said they were from Russia, and then corrected herself and said they
were from Denver, when her husband said something sharply to her in Russian
and acted as if she had said something she shouldn't have. I stayed
professional and polite, but kept direct eye contact the whole time to let
them know I would not be intimidated. Their attitude was as if they didn't
have to bother being polite, because we were dirt under their feet. We have
many foreign guests and I have never had any of them behave in this manner.
Then they went out on the sledding hill and gave the attendant a hard time,
and insisted on sending a 1yr old child down the fastest adult hill, over
the objections of the person in charge. We are in deep trouble-if these who
seem to be regular Russian army are this nasty, look out for the Spetznas.
Steve, I owe you and Hawk a debt of gratitude for all you do-you are so
appreciated, along with all the watchman, and are in my prayers every day.
Thanks to you, I am back in the fold of the Lord, and here I want to
stay--you and Hawk said the words that brought me back, on my knees. God
bless and keep you both safe from all harm and evil.

Jan 7, 2013

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