Hi Brother Steve,11/8/20 1;30 AM

As I was sitting here dwelling on the craziness of the last few days at 1:30 in the morning, I began thinking about this situation. We have to think about this logically. The Left, Deep State, Davos Crowd, Elite, Marxist, Socialist, or whatever name that you want to call them have come up with a perfect plan. They selected 2 of the weakest candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Joe Biden (Signs of Dementia, Compromised Candidate – China, Ukraine and Russia) and Kamala Harris (Many in her own party could not stand her, One who openly spouts her socialist, Marxist views). Joe Biden who was hiding in his basement the entire time of his campaign, and never could draw a crowd of more than 30. Most of his crowd were his own campaign members. Kamala Harris suspended her campaign more than 2 weeks before the election, with the excuse that she was in quarantine, due to one of her aids coming down with Covid-19. Mainstream media and social media who began fact checking everything that the President or his staff were stating, which would be reported to the public as false or not true. Tony Fauci or Fausti (as you call him) started the fear campaign a few months before, so that the public would be fearful of going to the booths to vote; thus, Joe or Jean Public request a mail-in ballot.

Ok – now we have President Trump making campaign stops, and was drawing as many as 20, 000 to 60, 000 thousand people at each stop, all throughout the country. The week before the election it was reported that it was the lowest number of unemployment, since the COVID-19 shutdowns and reopening of most states. I believe the GDP was reported improved. Although, there was more positive cases of COVID-19 there has been a small amount of deaths in recent months. Only 6% of the deaths were actually attributed to COVID-19. Just before the elections, you had the pollsters began their narrative that Biden was going to win the election by 7-9%.

Next – The elections were held on Tuesday and it appeared that President Trump was ahead, in most of the swing states by 10:30 at night. President Trump’s numbers were up with Black and Hispanic Americans at record levels. Then at 2:30 Wednesday morning, the swing states call for a halt to the count and at 4:30, both Michigan and Pennsylvania had data dumps, which all went to Biden. As most intellect people would know, that is not statistically possible. As the states resumed counting the next day, President Trump was losing ground. People begin questioning what was going on. All the conservative news sites begin to report voting irregularities and potential voter fraud. President Trump’s campaign and groups of lawyers begin to investigate the allegations on Thursday. Sydney Powell went on Lou Dobbs (FOX) and reported that a programs known as the Hammer and Scorecard may have been a part of the computer fraud. Of course, MSM and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook and Twitter) are censoring everything and are not reporting on actual fraud. They are stating that there is no evidence. Normal people would not know the truth, unless they are hooked into conservative sites and even those sites are being pulled.

This is the perfect setup for Bolshevik Revolution or Color Revolution. You have the media narrative and social media, who are now reporting Joe Biden as the next President – They have done this without the states certifying or calling the elections. The media sources have done this, in light, of President Trump’s Team going to court on Monday with evidence of election fraud and ballot tapering. We have 2 scenarios on how this will play out.
Biden is declared the winner. Trump supporters will not like it, but for the most part, they will behave civilly.
Trump is called the winner. Main Stream Media and Social Media will paint this as stolen election. They will say that there was fraud conducted by Trump and his team. (Do you get it – They are going to accuse him with exactly what they have all been doing. Then, AOC making threats to collect names of Trump’s team and supporters.

This will be the perfect storm, as the Demoncrats and Soros, etc., release the crazies on the streets. There will be nothing but pandemonium , unlike anything that we have ever seen. I believe this will lead to the civil war.

My heart is crying out, when I think what these Orwellian Elites are doing to our country. I am praying Brother Quayle, that the people’s eyes, ears, hearts, souls and minds are open and receptive to the Holy Spirit. I am praying for a great awakening, with repentance for ourselves and this nation. I am praying for mercy and forgiveness from our Heavenly Father. I am praying that Our Lord Jesus will shepherd us and keep us on the path of righteousness, so that we are found pleasing to the Father’s will.

I am sorry that I have carried on like this, but I didn’t know who else to share it with.Thank you for being a kind and compassionate man.
May the Lord God Almighty send his warrior angels to keep you and your family safe.

In Jesus we trust,
M (from Texas)

Nov 8, 2020

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