DECEMBER 8 is the anniv. of our war declaration on Japan.Before tomorrow you need to make a decision, because 79 years ago today the SHTF, and it's about to happen again in the very near future, and YOU KNOW IT!

Dear Members of the Military,

Today, 12-7-20, is the anniv. of Pearl Harbor. Tomorrow is the anniv. of
our war declaration on Japan. Before tomorrow you need to make a decision,
because 79 years ago today the SHTF, and it's about to happen again in the
very near future, and YOU KNOW IT! The elite love anniversaries, and the
joke is on us "small-minded" citizens, as Obama so graciously deemed us.
Our citizen civil acts of disobedience include keeping our non-essential
small businesses open, not requiring masks in our work places we manage,
going to visit our depressed aging parents for Christ's sake, and hugging
our children because they miss their friends... letting them cry hard tears
on our shoulders. It is time for you all to ditch your loyalty to the
District of Columbia, and bring your boots back to your very own homes.
That needs to be your act of civil disobedience. Your grandparents,
parents, spouses, and children need your loyalty to them. Your children
need you to be there to protect them at their unauthorized birthday and
Christmas parties, to civilly confront the police when they show up without
a warrant to break the party up, which would in essence, break your
family's hearts. Your neighbors in the cities you grew up in or currently
live in also need you back home... to your OWN home. Not to my home with
your orders to "execute" vaccinations. Your civil disobedience is simply
this: Going AWOL in mass, in mass, IN MASS! Let DC hash out their own
mess. Remember prosecution and defense attorneys go have beers together
after the work day is over, no matter how big or small the courthouse.
Don't be the bailiff that goes along with them. Simply go home and don't
worry about your possible court martial, or dishonorable discharge. Be
brave! After all, "All is fair in love and war." It's time for your
"sit-in" at home, in your comfy recliner. Your good ol' neighbors need you
too. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is the second greatest commandment
per The Good Lord. So, leave your posts ASAP, and take a flight before The
Green New Deal won't let you! Uber home from the airport and get back to
your immediate family. Then gather your family, sell all your
non-essential crap on OfferUp or whatever platform is fastest, and go back
"home" home... Near the neighbors that kept an eye on you as you grew up,
calling your parent for you when you got hurt riding your bike, paying you
$20 to unevenly mow their lawn so you could get that skateboard you just
had to have, offering all the fruit you wanted from their yard trees if you
picked them yourself, buying 15 boxes of Girl Scout cookies so you could
meet your goal even though they were diabetic, lovingly walked your pet
back to your home after it wandered into their yard eating their
better-tasting pet food, rewarded you heavily with treats, smiles and
praise when you brought their newspaper up to their front door from their
driveway, and gave you words of encouragement over the fence when you were
punished with picking up a month's worth of dog poop in the back yard
because you called your sister a "stupid idiot." We need you back "home" so
you can get class A driver's licenses to safely bring food, gas, and
supplies to our neighborhood stores. With your combat training, trucking
companies will need you to keep the economy running, and so do we, your
neighbors, your kids, family and friends. We can all starve for a little
while, but it's those who refuse to starve and would prefer to take a bat
to your German Shepherd and break in when no one is home or, God forbid,
when everyone's home. Without you home, we don't stand as great a chance
than with you home protecting your, my and our neighborhoods. The UN might
come to our doors soon anyway, and you will know how to help us bug out
safely. We trust you to do the right thing. Please come home in mass.
Please make your decision today to come home tomorrow. Please don't wait
for another war declaration or The Rapture. Please just come home and
watch with us, wait with us, work with us. Get a job as a truck driver,
farmer, ranch help or barter with local stores, offering free security for
food or items you can resell for rent. Today is the day to decide where
your loyalty lies. You and everyone you know are not promised tomorrow.
We need you home, we want you home... come home. God speed.


Dec 7, 2020

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