Dear Steve, About 18 years ago we were living in a small community called Cut Knife Saskatchewan. One day my wife was in the living room when she saw a full blown vision of Orientals invading our area. They had come down from Lloydminster which was west of us and North East of Edmonton. (They probably were coming from Prince Rupert, BC. which has a mayor deep port. ) As the vision continued she saw the army killing everyone as they destroyed everything they came into contact with. Burning what would burn including houses and crops. The Canadian army was so outnumbered that they fled. It was so real that she thought it was happening right then and there. They were going to Regina, Winnipeg and down to Minnesota. She was in panic mode but then realized that it was a vision for the future.

I also have a friend that was a postman in Vancouver BC when he also had a vision. He saw Vancouver totally destroyed from the south to the northern foothills. As he pondered the scene an angel with a torch showed up and went to a tree and set it on fire which was engulfed instantaneously. This was implying that a sudden destruction was going to happen in Vancouver. As my friend wondered who had dropped the bomb he turned to the US as if to say it had come from them and he said after all that what we have done for them.

Why would the US bomb Vancouver? The only reason I see is if it had a very large Oriental force in that city that could be a major threat to the US. That threat already exists

I have heard of other visions that tell of things to come in Canada. J.D.

Dec 13, 2020

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