I must believe that God’s first priority is not judging the world, but purging His own people. He has allowed COVID to try the church—closing lifeless churches (“removing fruitless candlesticks”) while proving the mettle of those that remain.

Prophesying by the Light of Idols

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. II Cor. 4:6 ESV

"The eye is the lamp [ie, prism] of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness." Mt. 6:22-23

Therefore speak to them and tell them, ‘This is what the Lord God says: “Anyone of the house of Israel who sets up his idols in his heart, puts in front of his face the stumbling block of his wrongdoing, and then comes to the prophet, I the Lord will let Myself answer him in the matter in view of the multitude of his idols, in order to take hold of the hearts of the house of Israel who have turned away from Me due to all their idols.”’ Ezk. 14:4-5

His watchmen are blind, All of them know nothing…. Is. 56:10

I am writing this article in the shadow of the anticipated inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States. I have been observing at a distance the intense prophesying of the American prophets against this and am impressed to put forth somewhat from the Lord’s position within me about it. My heart is to be as fair as possible in approaching the matter.

We must have a plumb line with which to begin weighing prophetic utterances upon life’s affairs. Apostolic truth is our plumb line to which all prophetic utterance must conform. The prophetic office may not establish its own self-standing truth.

Apostolic truth in turn tells us that all light of knowledge, understanding, wisdom and revelation must and can only be had “in the face of Jesus Christ.” This means that the advancement ofwho Jesus Christ is, and nothing else and no one else, must stand at the core of whatever else we may spiritually see about anything else. This includes by prophecy.

The issue of seeing light raises the issue of the “eye.” We can only see light if we have eyes with which to see. Jesus says that the eye is the prism of the body by which light is received into the body. But He also says that the eye can be “bad.” This can mean the eye cannot receive light at all, leaving darkness in the body. But it can also mean that the eye corrupts the light passing through it, leaving a distorted form of light, hence darkness of a different sort. The body is misled in what it is seeing.

The eye may receive light, but if it is corrupted, it will refract the light energy passing through it. Refraction is the altering of light waves which changes the appearance of what is being beheld into something other than it really is. Refraction creates optical illusions, such as when light passes through water, distorting the size and shape of objects seen through it.

Returning to our plumb line, we can only spiritually see accurately if and as long as we are looking into the face of Jesus Christ. But according to Ezekiel, we may in fact be setting something else before our face. We may be setting idols before our hearts.

If anything else is set before the heart except Jesus Christ, then the spiritual eye is corrupted. This means that any light that may come in through that eye is refracted, leaving the body it serves to behold apparitions and illusions that purport to be God’s truth, but are “fake news” from the Throne. This is what God means when He therefore says that He will answer such a man according to the idols in his heart.

Everything we say here applies not just to the individual, but to the overall body of Christ. The eyes of the body of Christ, are its prophets. The prophets are the “seers” of the church. They are the “watch”-men—the sentinels responsible to inform the rest of the body what God has to say. They bring forth the light of His revelation to God’s people as a whole.

But the eyes of the church may be corrupt. The prophets may have idols set before their hearts. They may be looking into the face of something or someone other than Jesus Christ. And if so, then their light of revelation to the body will be warped, giving the body nothing but optical illusions by which to perceive the mind of God. In this, they themselves are blind, as Isaiah says, and so are leaving the rest of the body in the dark about God’s true doings in the earth.

Hear this carefully. In making this observation, I am not saying that the prophets do not have light. This is the problem. The prophets do have light. They have God’s prophetic anointing, and that anointing is light. They conduct an energy that genuinely comes from God.

But because they are not beholding the face of Jesus Christ—because HE is not the center point of their purpose, desire and intent, but something else is—therefore their anointing’s light is corrupted to become a “dark pool” anointing. It passes misinformed messages on to the body of Christ, whose own heart is just as distorted by the same misplaced affections and allegiances. And how great a darkness that therefore is.

This brings us to the point of what is happening with the American prophets regarding the events of this recent election. It was fervently declared that Donald Trump would win re-election and serve a second four year term, no question about it. It was said God would do this (i.e, it was never about what the church must somehow do to make this happen). No prophet (to my knowledge) prophesied that the election would be stolen from Donald Trump (which I have no problem believing that it was stolen).

But then the election was called for Joe Biden, regardless and in spite of whatever evidence surfaced that the voting processes had been corrupted and the voting machines had been electronically rigged in the several states at issue. At this point, prophetic confidence now wavered and went into a tailspin. From this arose new prophetic directives that the outcome now depended on God’s people to stand on the words of the prophets. Meanwhile, at each stage of court and legal challenge, the prophets’ confident expectations were dashed.

Out of all this, a mixture of (un)belief and confession has arisen inside a cycle of reinvigorated confidence, then despair, then trust in God, then exhortations laying the burden on God’s people to pray the prophecies into fulfilment, then blame on those who now don’t believe the prophets, and around it goes—as the prophetic outlook continues morphing daily. (As of this writing, the latest word is that God will act after Biden’s inauguration to remove him and undo the fraud, thus presumably to somehow miraculously reinstate Trump and fulfil the original prophecies. Again, no prophet (to my knowledge) prophesied any of this would occur prior to the prophets having become subject to these events.)

This brings me to point out the real factor I believe (and have always believed) to be the culprit for this state of affairs in the American prophetic. The issue is not a falsity of anointing energizing all these prophets. My spirit can witness to the genuineness of the Spirit’s work on many.

The real problem however is the center point of heart reference for all that they prophesy. Their prophesying is not grounded in the face of Jesus Christ. It is rather set in the face of America and specifically now in the face of Donald J. Trump. (As I write this, I hear the words, “These be thy gods, O Israel.”)

In other words, America and Donald Trump are idols and thus stumbling blocks in the hearts of America’s prophets, before whose face they prophesy. As such, God is answering the prophets according to the multitude of their idols. And so the darkness of prophetic confusion has descended upon the church, as happens because of “bad” eyes.

Listen carefully, please. No degree of increased prophetic energy or intercessory fervency can change this dismal situation. This is where the church has been deceived so long under its own anointing. (Everyone has forever said, “Just look at the anointing on him! The Holy Ghost is all over him! What a word!”) It doesn’t matter. Anointing for prophecy does not prove a good prophetic eye and will not cure a bad one. Just ask Balaam.

We must look rather at the setting of the heart. And if the setting of the heart reveals idols throughout the prophetic flow, if the heart is set on a man, a nation, a country and a culture, then you know what you are looking at. You know what you are hearing. You are hearing illusion, and if persisted in, becomes Spirit-filled delusion. (For more on this, see my article “The Holy Spirit of Delusion”).

If this be the case, then what do I make of what is really happening now? Let me start by saying this: Because I can easily perceive the Spirit’s energy on these prophets, it tells me that many things they are saying will indeed happen, but they won’t align at all with their idolatrous expectations. They will happen quite around those expectations. They are in fact prophesying against others some things that will happen to themselves—unless they repent.

This is the way it is with refraction. You think you know what you are seeing, but you really don’t. Yes, you “heard from God,” but because of your idol, you really didn’t understand what He was saying through you, and didn’t understand that He was actually speaking against you.

For instance, I quite believe the prophets when they say a prophetic war is now is upon the land. They expect God to throw the Democratic socialist elements out of the land so they can go back living under their constitutional republic until Jesus comes. God’s intent is to throw out of the land the entire human culture which the prophets themselves support, to replace it with His immortal kingdom not made with frail human gentile documents!

Does this make sense? Again, I agree with the prophets that we are entering a “new era.” But it is not what they envision by “restoring America.” God is in place of replacing America as we know it—it’s banking systems, its legal systems and its cushy church systems (to which the prophets themselves are all anchored to the hilt). These are just a couple examples.

I close by noting the words of Peter, “It is time for judgment to begin at the house of God.” In what we have witnessed since the COVID outbreak, I must believe that God’s first priority is not judging the world, but purging His own people. He has allowed COVID to try the church—closing lifeless churches (“removing fruitless candlesticks”) while proving the mettle of those that remain. He has allowed the devil to do this. And it appears He has allowed the devil to steal away the election of Donald Trump for the same reason. We will see.

In the end, it will not matter how any of these earthly affairs play out. All that will matter is that God will sovereignly oversee the temporal “wins” and the “losses,” the “victories” and humiliating “defeats”—whichever way He needs it to go to get what He is after in a pure idol-free Bride that will be ready to be intercepted by Him in order to share in His complete replacement of this world’s corrupt systems with His crushingly benevolent immortal rule—

—in the face of Jesus Christ alone

Jan 21, 2021

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