ALERT-PORK PRICES TO EXPLODE -Piglet shortage, pens are empty, farmers are only getting 5 dollars instead of 30. Prices of Pork is going to skyrocket says Pig Farmer


This morning my hubby told me there is a shortage of piglets (they call “isolines”). He said many of the pig confinements are empty right now. Last year the pig breeders were only getting $5 per piglet, with a loss of $30 per piglet, so they stopped breeding.We’re doing ok. He said they received a shipment of piglets all the way from N. Carolina. He also let me know they piglets are going for about $58 when they can be found. The price of pork WILL skyrocket on the buyers end. Mostly the farmers don’t get the increase like the packing plants get.
We’re doing ok so far, but thought you might like to know the update.

Mar 18, 2021

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