I am, at this juncture, totally confused;
Am I supposed to be silent or express my views?
I thought the color of my skin was of no concern,
But according to the liberals I have more to learn.

I didn’t realize that there was supposed to be preference;
I searched the Bible to find where we give particular men precedence.
I couldn’t find instruction there to suppress my brother;
I only found instruction that we should love one another.

I have been looking for the instruction on how to be less white;
It seems I am being told that condition is a blight.
But I have found naught except to be who God created me to be;
His plan seems best, and my steps were written from eternity.

I seek or desire no ill upon another person
And I am convinced this is some injurious coercion.
But I cannot question this ideology which appears baseless,
For to question is also considered to be racist.

I am horrified at my core by human trafficking
But I am told that’s conspiracy and isn’t really happening.
Missing and exploited children must be just a myth;
For the truth to be revealed is my earnest wish.

All the containers must carry just goods and merchandise
And even the ones with interior facilities surely aren’t used to terrorize.
Perhaps I’m uniformed or things are really circumstantial,
But the evidence seems to be corroborated and substantial.

So much evidence has been uncovered regarding the “Hollow Earth.”
Who or what is buried underground and in caverns? Are children being birthed!?
I see and hear reports everyday of something called the DUMBS
And the truth of it all leaves me ill and makes me numb.

But CNN has not reported on this activity
So it must be rumor and not a reality.
Adrenochrome must be nothing more than a publicity stunt
And children can’t be the target of elite hunts.

Only poor losers can see the evidence of election fraud,
And at bumbling speeches we are supposed to applaud.
Providing proof is now unpatriotic
And we should be quite happy with the idiotic.

Changing product names must be an effective plan
To end division and to unite man.
And throwing a fit and saying I won’t play ball at your house
Must be lighting the way to unity like a lighthouse.

Human sexuality should be paraded in view of all ages;
This behavior must be supported by experts and sages
Because it is in our faces without reprieve.
And to think some things should not be exposed, I must be deceived.

Children’s books will surely warp their pliable minds,
But providing puberty blockers for infants must be fine.
Toys also have been produced for nefarious intent;
Imagination and playtime we must circumvent.

The middle class of America is definitely an evil lot;
To rid the world of them should be sought.
Providing jobs and a marketplace is archaic thought;
Free everything and without ethics is imperative to be taught.

The Constitution is outdated and ought to be abandoned,
Otherwise, why would progressives say this is demanded?
Surely those in elected positions have only my best interest in mind;
They wouldn’t seek personal wealth and rule and leave us all behind.

We should be required to get our vaccinations;
Owning patents on diseases wouldn’t be to control the population.
The doctors and pharma companies aren’t in it to get rich;
They care about everyone of us and don’t want us to get sick.

The courts are just, and lobbyist are honest;
Actors are experts and politicians don’t make false promises.
Professional athletes have sacrificed their wealth and lives
So, the people can prosper and the Republic be revived.

Data collection isn’t in order to manipulate, control or spy
It is not invasion of privacy, it is protection so we can thrive.
How wonderful it is to go without food for your family
So we can pay more taxes to solve our calamities.

Burning your city to the ground is peaceful speech;
To offer an opposing view is gross overreach.
Social media is censored only for our protection;
There is no agenda there for covert subjection.

The Bible is outdated and should be revised;
So as not to offend it should be generalized.
Convicting sermons must be silenced
And the State should make all churches have a license.

If you believe the rhetoric herein included
Then you are unthinking, unaware, and deluded.
The Bible predicted a day would come when people would believe a lie
And we no longer need to wait for that day … it has arrived.

2Th 2:11-12
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

by randy conway

Apr 25, 2021

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