THE BLASPHEMY OF CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS :This gives you credence to what you have been saying about the cited subject.

There was discussion of possible forced relocations first, out of the
cities and high density sunburns and then moving outwards (due to no power,
no water, no food) to FEMA or so called Relocation Camps. Think Martial
Law like under EO 13603. You may ask REALLY? The host of the show
received reports from multiple members of clergy being who placed on notice
to prepare to respond. One source in a position to know said several
hundreds to as many as a thousand members of clergy (nearly 100% Christian
(Pentecostal, Traditional Protestant, Evangelical and Catholic clergy) of
the [bogus] CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS were placed on notice in areas where they
believed the relocation camps/facilities will be. If you know anything
about these teams, as I do, you would realize the training of these
so-called ministers is Marxist oriented in and the ministers are PROHIBITED
from referring to God or Jesus or even speaking/reciting/reading of
scripture or referring to it and PROHIBITED from performing any of the
sacraments, including communion, confession, baptisms. etc. No prayer or
fellowship groups (known as unauthorized gatherings or activity) lead by
clergy (unless the camp staff think they can gather some human intel from
it). Forget about church worship/praise services, prayer services and mass
it may offend those other than Christians remember, we must be sensitive
to the ideals and beliefs of others at all times and not be offensive (sarc
off). All communications with them ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL they are ordered
to report back to the camp area supervisors in order to weed out possible
trouble makers or those who are having difficulty adjusting to their new
situation, which will have no end in sight. In short the Federal
Government took The Almighty out of the scene and using the trusted members
of clergy as a way to keep people calm and compliant (interpersonal skills
training was emphasized) and to act as rats and informants..all for the
good of the community. They will be used as a way to calm people and keep
them quiet as much as possible, especially when they realize men will be
separated from their wives and children again, for their own protection
and the protection of the community. (BTW do you think theyll make the
controversial and possible killer Jabs mandatory. Hum, you think.) This
also allows for interrogations of all occupants by military personnel all
according to the Army manual on Relocation and Internment Camps, aka FEMA
Camps. How would I know? Ive read the damnable manual! Oh yes, there
will be forced or mandatory unreimbursed labor. Yes, that is in the

Ive read the DHA/FEMA training manual that one of my chaplains sent over a
decade ago. That same material was reprinted for general distribution to
members of clergy, mental health professional and voluntaries. A couple of
my chaplains signed up for and went through the training course and
reported to me about what they were instructed to do. From a clergy point
of view, what they are asked to do is blasphemous!!! The Government is
god; and The Almighty is made into nothing! They will not participate in
such a fraud in the name of God. All of these protocols were originally
set up by DOD, DHS/FEMA and other agencies, to address a full margin
rupture along the west coast states.

Interesting Observation: At the same time the government has been planning
all of this, the God-hating Biden Regime has allowed no less than 1 million
(accounted) illegal aliens into our country. Actually estimates are two to
three times as high. It is estimated that 10% to 30% of these illegal
aliens have the ChiCom virus, but were released throughout the entire
country. This is a willful spreading of this so-called deadly virus. Who
are they trying to fool? What happens when they are caught up in the
relocation efforts? Will they be segregated/separated from other in the
camps? The government has know about the adverse effects of the drought
and the possibility of massive relocation of the population combined with
the illegal aliens being disbursed throughout the country.Talk about
furthering chaos and crises.....

Aug 6, 2021

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