The enemy may be close, but salvation is even closer; Light is expelling darkness and evil is seeing exposure.

I can feel the hot breath of the enemy on the back of my neck-
Is he gaining ground, I wonder, and I turn to check?
But I see no enemy, only the evidence that he is near;
A covert and shrouded entity, yet obvious he is here.

Lawlessness seems to be the rule giving his presence further evidence.
Those to which we gave our trust serve him with outright arrogance.
Those thinking they are above all others are fooled by a false sense of eminence,
But the time draws near, they will find their god is now their nemesis.

I stop to feel a cool and refreshing wind in my face;
It is the breath of God, a gentle breeze which brings His grace.
It brings assurance that if I remain sheltered in His hand,
I have no concern or fear of the enemy’s plans.

I may hear the noise of battle on my left-
The anguished cries of the bereft.
But on my right is the shout of triumph, the sound of victory!
The ancient prophecies now become reality.

Armageddon is upon me, but the Captain of the Lord of Hosts is near!
Ignoring the breath on my neck and facing the lawlessness without fear
Because I trust not in arms or battlements, but in the King of Kings.
The kingdom of darkness will fall, and death for me has no sting.

My fear is not dissipated because the enemy is no more;
I pray daily that mankind is spared a devastating war.
My fear is not abated because I think I have fully prepared.
My peace is not my own but come from what God Himself declared.

The kingdoms of this word will become the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ;
The kingdom of darkness is dispelled by the Kingdom of everlasting Light.
My duty, my only requirement is to choose which kingdom I will serve,
Then I need not lean on my own understanding but trust wholly in His Word.

There is no place for foolishness, your kingdom choice must be wise.
One is a fading, fleeting vapor built on fear and imagined lies;
One is a coming Kingdom built on Truth and the promise of Eternal Life
Even now I can reach out and touch the reality of the coming Christ.

The enemy may be close, but salvation is even closer;
Light is expelling darkness and evil is seeing exposure.
The battle is not over; don’t lay down your weapons yet-
Occupy until He comes, until God removes the threat.

It is imperative to understand our weapons are not carnal
And the times in which we live are not normal.
Our weapons only through God have any power
To bring down the strongholds and the enemy’s towers.

Surrender is not an option; only one kingdom can prevail.
One is the Kingdom of Heaven, the other the kingdom of hell.
Love not your life unto death in order that you might live;
Death will follow those who view the warnings as dismissive.

Today is placed before you a choice of life or death;
Choose life and keep a prayer upon your every breath.
On your left may be the clamor and noise of battle
But on your right is rejoicing as we witness the fall of Babel.

Reach out and touch the hand that is the hand of God;
He is coming soon and bringing His iron rod!
The vapor that is today’s reality is quickly fading;
It will not survive the coming shaking.

As history proves there have been martyrs and more will be called.
If it be me, I pray that I stand firm and do not fall.
We must choose for what and for whom we will face the fire,
Whether burned or sparred, standing for Jesus is what we aspire.

When the Great Day of His wrath appears who shall be able to stand?
There is no shelter save the shelter of His Mighty Hand.
This matrix will not survive the flaming fire of His Sword
And the redeemed will sing with rejoicing in the presence of the Lord.

by randy conway

Aug 8, 2021

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