I have been asking for relevant revelation and while I was expecting
something about earth changes, economic upheaval, etc, the word TATOO would
not go away. Immediately, I recalled an event from a few years ago and
some recent conversations. I work in the criminal justice field and am
around many criminals, gang members, etc. On this particular day I was in
a courtroom assisting with paperwork. A very intimidating male white
supremacist came in to be sentenced. He stared at each person in the room
doing the intimidation thing that is common among these types of
personalities. He turned and stared at me, I am not easily intimidated, so
I stared back. He turned away (he was standing a few feet in front of me,
shackled) and I saw this bizarre tattoo on his neck. I have seen hundreds
and hundreds of tattoos and have gone to trainings on tattoos and their
meanings. I did not recognize this one but I was immediately filled with
dread and felt sick to my stomach. I was intimidated! I looked down at
the table I was sitting at and began to pray. I looked up and was drawn to
look at the mans tattoo again (it was some unsettling demonic looking
figure on his neck) suddenly, the eyes on the tattoo figure opened and
looked right back at me! I believe that if it wasnt for the fact I was in
prayer and years of training, I would have stood up in the courtroom and
screamed. I sat there in horror. I looked back down at the table deeply
upset and kept praying. I was very uneasy as I was going to have to take
this mans hand and fingerprint him while he was standing over me-I got a
very bad feeling. I looked back up and the man suddenly turned and looked
right at me and sneered in a very dark manner, it was one of those
situations where he knew that I knew what he was and what had happened. I
was very intimidated now. I looked back down and kept praying. I looked
back up and the tattoo was back to normal-eyes closed. I prayed for
strength to deal with whatever would happen when I had to touch him, I felt
that a battle would occur and it would be quite a battle. All of a sudden,
the bailiff came over to me and said, do not deal with this man, I will
fingerprint him and finish the paperwork. I was very relieved as I think
that this would have triggered something. (There is a time coming soon when
we will be in an actual battle). As a result of this, I started paying more
attention to people and their tattoos. Most gang members, when they
realize you can read the tattoos will open up and brag as they like to tell
their story-which is told through tattoos. They do it for intimidation,
for a sense of rebellion and attention. Lately, I have noticed more
tattooed demonic figures but now their eyes are closed, or sewn shut or Xed
out over each eye. Each time I ask about those type of tattoos the person
becomes afraid and starts looking around. The fact that these tough people
become afraid tells me a lot. Each one has said the same thing: they
watched a lot of horror movies when young and at some point they felt
something enter them and realized they wanted to eat people and now have
that desire. They have absolutely no remorse. Most tell me that they feel
like something is in them or they see shadow beings who watch them. They
were also drawn to get this type of tattoo but are afraid of it which is
why they have these type of tattoos done with the eyes closed. They are
afraid that the eyes will open and they will be watched. This sounds crazy
but I have heard this enough now to wonder, what will happen if those eyes
do open up on these people one day!!! I pray I am not near someone when
that happens.
Sadly, I have noted many people in the church getting tattoos. The ones I
have talked to will at some point, look around, laugh nervously, and say,
well I guess I want to be a bit rebellious, I want to have a tiny bit of
rebellion. There is no acceptable tiny bit of rebellion and it is a
gateway. I dont know what the mark of the beast will be, a chip, a tattoo
whether visible or invisible or what, but it seems that God views the
taking of it as an act of rebellion. I think there is something about these
tattoos that we need to be alert too-there is something about why people
are getting more and more tattoos and the nature of these tattoos are
Thanks for all that you and the others do, sometimes a person feels like
they are the only one in their area that is awake, so it is comforting to
hear that I am not. I dread the day the airwaves go silent. I pray for all
of you daily. Samantha

Jan 12, 2013

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