Good morning, I recently saw a post on Steve's site regarding tomatoes and I have some conformation on that. Last week I was in Walmart and forgot to pick up my puree, and sauce. So, we went back the next day, and the canned tomatoes went from 00.98 to 1.68. Yikes so we went to Kroger's where it was 1.28, same thing there it went up to1.69. We came home I put my groceries away and called Food Lion. I never bought canned sauce or puree there before, I asked how much the items were the puree was 1.18, the sauce was 00.94 and the diced was 1.38. Needless to say, we were out the door I bought all the puree they had, which was 8, an a few cans of sauce. We went back yesterday, and I picked up 4 more cans of puree. Now Kroger's, every once in a while, will mark down over stock items. Last Wednesday I found Ragu marked down to 1.18, such a deal, I bought 14 jars. The empty jars can be used for canning too, so I thought that was a good find. It's funny how GOD sends us people like you to help open our eyes and ears to what is happening around us. I want to thank you for all you do. When I first saw the post, I said this is why I told my husband we will be planting a lot of tomatoes next year and I will be canning them too. Later I am calling the Farm Supply to see if they have any tomato seed and have them put some back for me. Lord only knows if we can get them next year. Stay well and safe...Lady J

Aug 15, 2022

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