Prophetic dream early on Tuesday morning 2-14-23-TIME IS UP :Americans are so selfish and deceived; focused all on 'me, me, me' and we've become the laughing joke of the world.

I had 2 dreams early Tuesday morning; 1st about 230 and the 2nd about 330-400.

It appeared very suddenly. I live in Missouri and I was looking out from my geographic location towards the west/northwest of the US, as if from above. I saw gears and smoke stacks, like from factories, scattered there, representing cities and industry. Then there was a mushroom cloud kind of above them, but on, too. I saw, heard and felt the shock wave, and instantly those all turned to ash, yet remained standing. I asked my wife, "Did we just get nuked?" She said, "I think it was an EMP." I said, "I think we got nuked though, too." Then there were a couple more of those behind me, meaning, the east coast.

Then I was in my house with wife and youngest upstairs going through our things taking inventory as there was no electricity. I was downstairs with the oldest son. We stepped outside in the night and there was no lights anywhere; no light pollution. It was very dark, and it was eerie. It's not like now when we step outside and "it's just nighttime, that's all". It was different. The darkness was no longer trustworthy and normal. There was a since of you didn't know who or what was out there and it was no longer safe like just the other day. End of first dream.

I woke up, shaken by this, as it was very intense sensations when I had this. No, I wasn't thinking of this when I went to bed; it was out of the blue. I walked around for a bit thinking of if I should go into work as I'd spent the weekend sick. I decided to call in and come in late. So I laid back down and had a second dream regarding this.

I was at work and I stepped outside (day time) and looked up. Instantly the sky was full of camo Huey helicopters; some with the Red Cross emblem on them. They were landing and dropping off supplies and medical things. They erected huge sheets of plastic at work (I work in a huge Boeing warehouse/production building) sectioning off areas everywhere, like they were making ready for mass casualties. I walked up to an older guy in a white doctor's coat, knowing he represented a government insider; I asked, "Are we gonna get nuked?" He turned away and wouldn't answer. I then said, "We're gonna get nuked aren't we? Where and when?" He then looked down and nodded, saying yes. I said, "Where and when?" He said, "We don't know." Then I said, "So, the intelligence community knows it's coming; they know it's gonna happen, but you don't know where and when it'll happen." He said, "Yes," as he looked down and had some tears come down. He said, "All we know is that Korea is going to test another ICBM this Thursday." I shook my head in angered disbelief, believing that all that statement meant was the intel we had was useless information that was worth absolutely nothing. I went outside to leave work immediately, and looked up and saw the incoming missile. I was huge looking, but kind of like an incoming comet though; burning bright fiery orange. I knew it wasn't going to hit exactly where I was at that exact minute, and I had just a very tiny bit of time yet. Everyone else was continuing on like nothing was wrong and it was ok, oblivious to it all, like refusing to acknowledge what was going on. I sped home at 110mph, calling the wife, telling her to get the kids out of school immediately and fill the empty 2 liter bottles with water right away. For just a second God let me feel the extreme panic, fear, chaotic mess and terror all at once, and it was so intense I can't explain it. And when I woke up I had this Scripture in my head, because God always shows us with His Word backing it up. Genesis 41:32 "And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass."

I've never had a double dream like that. The last one God gave me was in October if I remember correctly, of 2019. In it everyone was concerned with fighting each other, left vs right, and I was trying to warn them Russia and China were going to attack us, but the didn't want to listen. Now, it is that way, and here we are, I'm trying to warn them. God gave that 2 times b/c He's saying it's here; you don't have time to mess around anymore. Americans are so selfish and deceived; focused all on "me, me, me" and we've become the laughing joke of the world. They no longer see us as a bastion of hope and shining example, but instead we're a disease ridden repulsive hive full of degenerate simple minded pleasure centered idiots with no values or morals and trying to get everyone to accept sodomites and killing our children and future generations. We are done. I'm passing His warning on; time is up.

Feb 18, 2023

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