I recently read the testimony/ alert from Samantha. I wanted to share my perspective,
and give some insight as one who was saved, (in process of inner healing and
deliverance) out of the modern day role of a shaman that a tattoo artist embodies.

Here is a blog I wrote in 2011 about tattooing and tattoo's.

Ma77hew7′s Blog-Sept.14- Body Modified? The Tattooed body of Christ – Part 1

"I feel it is my duty from the curriculum that I have had in my life to start an ongoing post
on this accepted practice in the body of Christ. I’m not coming at this hotly contested
subject from an uneducated or unqualified position. I would say that very little scholarly
work has been done to combat the willful attack of satan through acceptance of occult
blood rituals through body modification. The focus of the intro into body modification
within the body of Christ will focus solely on tattooing.

One good example of a primer into the validity of my position is Rev. William Sudduth’s
book, “What’s Behind The Ink?”. I first read Bill’s book after being called out of my
career as a tattoo artist, and into personal inner healing and deliverance. At the time,
I was still looking for some way to tattoo or get tattooed without being involved in
occult activities. I’ll cut to the chase, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!

The acceptance of this reality is not one that I came to believe without merit. It is firmly
rooted in the history of the rites and rituals of the art of tattooing.When one looks to
the ancient history of the art form, one can not be led to believe that the ritualistic
shedding of human blood is honoring to The Most High God. As with all of satan’s lies,
they are well-formed and convincing. Throughout this series, I will put to rest the
reasons why Christians believe that body modification is acceptable, even honoring
to the Lord. This is based on my extensive past objections to hearing the truth.
I’ll list the first objection to the truth as a compilation of a few basic retorts that
all fall into the same category.

1. I glorify God through my tattoos, I don’t have any objectionable thing on me, i.e.
naked ladies, profanity, etc., ad nauseam. I use them to witness to my friends and
even strangers! They are an in-road into me sharing my faith. I have my favorite
Bible verse tattooed on me, etc., ad nauseam.

Pretty common retort/ justification. Which although may be true in the presentation
of the tattoo, art, meaning, background, it remains immaterial. The reason is based
on the actual breaking of the skin, and shedding of blood, that happens when one
partakes in the tattoo process. I could provide a long and drawn out point for
examination of each of the “reasons” listed. In today’s post, I will “ease into”
this complicated subject.

The tattoo artist, is a modern day shaman for sure. There are those “adept” who
choose to serve their gods through the blood ritual of body modification. There
are also those who tattoo and get tattooed who believe that they are doing the
Lord’s work, even honoring Him through tattoos. Sadly they are misguided,
and deceived. Ignorance to the history of the art form, has plagued the recesses
of the flocks’ mind for far too long. Interesting how in reference to the word of
God, “ignorance” frequently goes hand in hand with “idols”.

I know that most people, and Christians, believe that tattoos are harmless. I beg
to differ. As my background includes being a former tattoo artist, and being
heavily tattooed myself, (praise the Lord for His mercy upon me), I will
continue to bring a strong case against body modification to bear witness in
your spirit. Seek after the Lord regarding what His word says.

Hosea 4:6 (ESV)
6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
because you have rejected knowledge,
I reject you from being a priest to me.
And since you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.

The act of body modification itself denotes a very spiritual ceremony that does
(often unknowingly) serve other gods, just not the one true God, Jesus Christ
of Nazareth!"

The above is just a primer to the understanding that I have been shown and
know first hand regarding tattoo's. I'd love to help anyone I could get
free from the connections that they have knowingly or unknowingly bound
themselves to in the demonic realm, other dimensions, and blood ties
through ritual blood letting, (tattoo's).

A good start would be to ask Jesus for forgiveness for the tattoos and body
modifications they took upon themselves, and to plead the blood of Jesus
over the tattoos, modifications. Cancel the assignment of the avenger of
blood, and cancel all contracts that they had signed with the tattoo artist(s),
(tattoo shop legal contract(s).

This is a real problem in the body of Christ.

Much Love in Him,


Jan 15, 2013

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