Hi Steve,
I read the 18 head article linked via a very large politically focused website and whether it was The Holy Spirit, or just the strangeness of the article it really jumped out at me. With everything going on (obviously too much to list)in the world, 18 heads (6 + 6 + 6) show up in CHICAGO and shipped from ROME of all places. As I’m sure you know Rahm is referred to as “the godfather” of Chicago by everybody and their brother and after leaving the WH he went back to Chicago to be crowned mayor and allegedly clean up some messes BO left behind, although he is or until recently was in D.C. working on the upcoming gun edicts with the WH. It really looks like the “Heads” were intended as an overt, public threat or stern reminder to both Rahm & BO, but by whom and for what who could only guess with their enemies list, although wasn’t there a “surprise” unscheduled Bilderberger meeting in Rome very recently. It’s a page out of luciferian Hollywood’s book from the movie “The Godfather”. The big Hollywood wheeler-dealer in the movie refused the mob’s requests/orders and woke up on his estate in bed the next morning with his prized racehorse’s head in bed with him. It also ties into all the rumors of global elite infighting and power struggles as well. It’s becoming more apparent everything is accelerating and they’re all maneuvering in their internal power struggles. Anyway, I jumped over to your site and read your commentary and took it as confirmation that this wasn’t just some random story & emailed you. You responded & I went back to the article to re-read it and found that it had been fundamentally changed from a tone of “holy cow, we have 18 mystery heads at O’hare” to a “paperwork foul-up regarding a medical research facility no alarm” which made me more and more suspicious. The story was posted last night and the heads have been at O’hare for almost a month now so they had plenty of time to get their facts straight beforehand. My email server began freezing, not responding, etc. (Microsoft Hotmail) at which point things got strange. Call it a coincidence, the Lord’s timing intent on getting us to focus on certain events or whatever but the chopper came slowly by my high-rise. I went out on the balcony just out of curiousity expecting to see something going on and he was there hovering just above my floor and not far away. It seemed odd enough and I still was convinced there was no big deal but I went inside and grabbed my camera and from the time I walked in and walked back out he climbed to the point where I managed to get video running. Still trying to laugh myself off as a fool but at least wanting to document I went back inside and turned on the TV and got Fox News at 3:33 pm talking about bo; which, given the “Heads” article was exceptionally strange.
Finally, while it lasts “The heads were shipped from Rome as cargo on a Lufthansa Airlines flight, arriving at O'Hare about one week before Christmas.”
Lufthansa doesn’t have a Rome to Chicago run (nor do any of their subsidiaries). You take a smaller flight to Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt, or London and get on one of their long haul wide bodies to make the jump over to Chicago. Maybe it’s a minor detail and irrelevant.
The article originated 1-14-2013 at 11:52 Eastern Time (hr ahead of Chi time listed) That’s a 1-1-4(6), 2-0-1-3 (6), 1-1-5-2 (9) or the inverted 6.
God Bless. Strange Days.

Jan 16, 2013

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