The Deck Seems A Bit Stacked

These were just a few thoughts this morning

Obama seeks to disarm law abiding Americans while he arms Muslim Terrorists via aid and regime change, as well as Mexican Drug Cartels via Fast and Furious, etc., (which was in it self also an attempt to blame the 2nd Amendment and disarm Americans).
Obama is reducing America's military, by reducing funding AND unilaterally reducing America's nuclear stock pile.
Obama goes out of his way to insult and provoke America's most faithful allies (such as Israel and Britain) while embracing America's most vicious enemies (such as Radicalized Islam, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.).
The TSA etc. are used to intimidate and cow down Americans under the guise of providing peace and safety...The naked scanners and grope molestation stations offer NO defense against readily available ceramic knives etc. These can be easily purchased or made and concealed by a dedicated and organized group of bad guys. This assures that the passengers on planes are completely helpless now, and does not keep a repeat of the official story of 9-11.
All forms of media are vilifying Christians and Conservatives, and Law Enforcement as well as the Military are now told that the Right Wing are potential Domestic Terrorists, and thus the enemy.
After the inauguration, Obama will have no reason to pretend to be nice any more...Unless they change the Presidential term limits, he has 4 years and no chance of reelection left to do all of the damage he can. He will be as Satan who is cast to Earth and rages against the Saints because he knows his time is short. TALLl TEXAN

Jan 19, 2013

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