This is regarding the horrible sounds and skinwalkers etc on the Navajo
Reservation. I live in a rural area of the 4 Corners in Colorado in a small
cabin on a large ranch. I go to work around 5:30 am year round. There is a
ridge of hills in back of me with the high mountains behind them. In front
of my cabin is a valley around 600-800 ft, across from a low tree covered
ridge. It was barely getting light as I was getting into my car I think, in
August, when I heard the worst sound I have ever heard. The best way I can
describe it was a low pitched, growling. moaning howl that was very
menacing and loud. It was coming from the ridge just across from me. I was
absolutely terrified, because it was not from any animal I have ever heard,
and gave me such an evil feeling. I don't scare easily, because I know God
is in control, but I absolutely freaked when I heard this. I just knew that
whatever made that sound could be on me in seconds, so I locked all my
doors and took off quickly, not wanting to meet that critter as I was
leaving. I quickly asked for protection, and started feeling better, but
the sound kept up for a couple of minutes and was loud enough to hear in
the car with the engine running.
A few days later, I spoke with a friend who lives about 3 miles straight
behind me, near the high peaks, and he told me he had heard something
awful. He was walking his dogs late one night (the night after I had heard
it) when he heard this horrible animal cry that was almost
indescribable-his dogs started to growl, then started whining and dragged
him back to the house. He said it was very near-just across the street and
behind his neighbor's house. He ran into the house, locked all his doors
and windows, and then pulled all the blinds and curtains and loaded his
shotgun. This person doesn't scare easily either, but I am convinced he
heard the same thing I did. Since then, I don't roam the woods alone any
more, and secure everything, especially at night. Others in this area have
seen, and so have I, regular sized coyotes running with others that are as
big as wolves, and not marked like coyotes. These are very agressive, but
having heard them howl, they are not the source of this evil cry. I ordered
Henry Gruver's Prayer Walkers Handbook, and plan to walk this whole area
with others and try to place as much protection as possible. I think this
was my personal warning of what may be coming.
May God protect you and Hawk and all the others who have been sounding the
alarms for so long.

Jan 23, 2013

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