On January 11th on the Hagmann and Hagmann show with Steve Quayle and myself as guests I broke down the plans that would emerge in the next coming weeks and months beating all market headlines by weeks yet again. Today I want to bring to remembrance something I have highlighted months ago in one of my alerts, that as the endgame is being played out you will see the market soar, the dollar rise, metals suppressed, the VIX the lowest its been prior to collapse. In other words I said that everything will be done to make the US look like the safest market to every non insider in the world. Am I wrong? Look at the DJIA at an all time high with the volatility index (VIX) at an all time low. In other words the mindless orgasmic party has begun on wall street, the revelers are euphoric as a bunch of teenagers on a drug binge. This is the fools rally that I had feared and history will repeat itself. I will update soon. The collapse will begin...V

Jan 24, 2013

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