Hi Steve,

Love what you do. I am a God loving American Patriot and ex-Navy Diver
living here in Australia. I thought you would find the new Laws under the
2013 rewriting of the Anti-Discrimination Act that are being forced into
law without any public debate of interest for your website etc.

The law is simple on the surface, it will make it illegal to offend
someone. Great on the surface that is fine, however the actual translations
and subtexts are very distributing in deed, and being dubbed the ground
work to make religions illegal. In fact, teaching your child anti-gay or
biblical text can result in jail time and loss of your children. Private
schools especially Catholic schools will be forced to hire Gay and Lesbian
teachers who can than object to teach the doctrine of that school based on
the new law. If the school goes to dismiss that teacher the government
will step in and uphold the employment.

There is not a lot on the web on this as the press are in favour of this
law. But keep in mind this is the biggest attack on free speech in the
western world and there are a lot of people against this law.

We are not allowed guns at all outside a gun shoot range, point to point
cameras that track speed and cars, new licence plate recognition cameras in
all police cars. I am not a weirdo, but living here I am the ONLY person I
know that thinks that gun ownership is sane, and that these new laws are
scary as hell to freedom.

You must warn America _ IT IS COMING!!

Jan 26, 2013

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