V's ALERT JUST IN 10:00 PM All over asia gold and silver is being bought up at a ravenous rate.

Steve, here is the latest rundown from the asian markets. The markets are responding very positively to the moves that the japanese have done. Everyone now understands that it is a race to the bottom. All over asia gold and silver is being bought up at a ravenous rate. India in spite of raising tariffs on gold imports have not in any reality stopped or slowed down their gold purchases one bit. Indonesia is going long on gold as they face a currency crises of their own and must devalue. Singapore and Vietnam is purchasing gold and silver at a rate that is staggering as well. The asian tigers all understand that it is now an official currency war and what japan has done has caused a regional conflagration that will cause further buying of gold, silver and other precious metals. India is facing a curreny crisis and is debasing now as well.

Steve when the smoke settles the BRICS will be left holding the cards particularly the Chinese. Japan has caused massive regional instability that will lead from a trade war to a all out shooting war. Look for platinum, palladium and rhodium to go strong very soon as gold and silver is begining to dry up in asia. Gold and Silver markets closed on a down note on Friday, look for further supression as again supply and demand is overlooked and unaccounted for. Asian economies are looking at what the Fed and US markets will do, the signal that they will get is the confirmation of dollar devaluation a currency kill has started, the dollar is set to die and the first shot was fired by Japan. A financial pearl harbor but this time it was the US central bankers that forced the hand, that in all reality made the first move. This week will be interesting.

Jan 27, 2013

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