Don't know if these means anything but wanted to share, esp since so many are hearing "strange underground" noises.

We live approx. 30 miles north of Kansas City, MO, up east of the I35 corridor......rural on some land. Yesterday, my husband went into our small community to sit with a fellow veteran and watch a little of the Super Bowl. I was at home. After dark, my American Fox Hound starting whining and acting like something was going on outside. We have alot of wildlife, etc on the land so that's not unusual. So, I took my Sure Fire mega light and went out with her. Suddenly, I heard a series of blast. Deep sounding, like muffled underground resonating above ground but they were so loud. At least 6 blasts in a row. My Fox Hound was going nuts at this time. Then it stopped as suddenly as it began. I waited. Nothing more. My husband came in a few minutes later. I asked him if he had heard the blasts. He said "you bet I did". He said it came from west of I35. He also informed me the Super Bowl half time had started and that's why he left to come home. Not many people were out in town but a few heard and stopped to listen.

This morning, I decided to call our local police dept. to see if I could find out anything. The young officer who answered was a little short in response when I inquired what it was. He said he didn't know anything about it, was looking through the log book, nothing logged in and nobody had called to inquire. I said I was amazed that no one would call about something that loud that sounded like a bomb went off underground and I heard it miles away. I told him it was during Super Bowl half time and he said maybe that's why nobody heard it.

This is very strange. We live rural and are used to hearing people "practice" using almost every kind of weapon you can imagine. But we have never heard that kind of massive blast and for no one to report it is suspect. And for the timing to be during the Super Bowl half time show is quite the coincidence. Something is amiss! I guess I could think positive that just maybe some people are preparing underground and the local police are part of that.

Great program w/Greg on Haagman & Haagman. Greg talking about the "Black Spring" and things being imminent and we hear these blasts!

Your defense is God who saves the upright in heart (Ps 7:10)

Pat H.

Feb 4, 2013

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