Good afternoon,

I was looking at the following website this morning: http://www.ar500armor.com

On the top of the page the site has a notice with the following information:

As a result from increased demand over the past few months we're experiencing delays in shipping on our Body Armor - which may go beyond stated ship times. Rest assured we want to get your armor to you as soon as possible, and are working hard to do so while maintaining our quality standards. Your business is very much appreciated! - AR500 Armor Team

Increased weapons and ammo demand I could understand, but I was curious as to why an armor company would see a jump in sales. So I decided to give them a call this morning and ask them what was causing such increased demand. Was it due to private citizens buying more than usual? Had the DHS, law enforcement and military recently placed large orders? Or was it simply a matter of all of the above happening at once?

The fellow who answered the phone was very friendly. I told him I had been to his site and was curious as to why they had such an increase in sales. "It spiked right after the November election," he told me. I then asked him who the majority of the buyers were. "Are private citizens fueling the increase in sales, or is it government types like the DHS, law enforcement and military?"

He quickly told me "all of them really, just an across the board increase from just about every type of buyer." I then asked him "So DHS, military and law enforcement have increased their purchases since November?" "Oh yes," he said, "we have a 6-8 week backlog."

I then told the man from AR500 about a phone call I had received from a friend yesterday. The person I spoke with had just received a phone call from one of his closest, life-long friends. The friend who called him spent some time in the Marines. While he was in the Corps he became very close friends with a man who now works in Washington, D.C. as an "International Advisor to the Pentagon."

Our friend told me that his friend hadn't talked to this "Int'l Advisor" in quite some time. So he didn't initiate the phone call, the Advisor called him out of the blue.

The advisor wanted him to know that "this guns and ammo grab is the real deal." He said "they are coming after guns, and they are going to squeeze ammo so bad that no one will be able to get any, and if you don't have an assault weapon by now, good luck. They will be impossible to get." While he didn't say a full-fledged gun ban was coming, he did say that the DHS "has another order in the works for ammo and AR-15's that will dwarf anything they have already purchased. They are going to absolutely strangle the market."

So … when I told this info to the man from AR500, he kind of chuckled and told me "that's funny, because I talked to a guy this morning that we do business with, he buys used brass, tumbles it, refurbishes it and re-sells it. He also makes new casings and sell those. He said he received a phone call yesterday from the gov't asking if he would fill a 50 billion round order for .223 casings."

"Did you say 50 billion? With a "B"?" I asked him.

He laughed and said "that's exactly what I said. And the guy told me he laughed at the caller from the gov't and asked the same thing ….. Did you say billion, with a B?"

Yes, the gov't official said. 50 billion.

I asked the man from AR500 if his business associate was going to fill the order. "He said he was going to try, but he had to buy a ton of brass and didn't know if he could find enough to fill it." I then told him what we needed was for ammo companies to tell the gov't to go pound sand.

My phone was dying as I was talking to the man from AR500, and my call quality wasn't as great as I would have liked. My mistake, I should have known better, but it's been a while since I interviewed anyone, and I certainly didn't expect to hear what I heard. I plan on calling him back tomorrow and getting a little more indepth info and see if I can't get the name of the man with the brass order and track him down and interview him.

Just thought I'd pass it along.

50 billion. With a B.

Something wicked this way comes.

Feb 26, 2013

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