V's ALERT-MADNES HAS GRIPPED THE GLOBE-Economic implosion that will rearrange the grand chess board of fiat currency

As maddness seems to have gripped the globe it seems that the end of this lunancy will be an economic implosion that will rearrange the grand chess board of fiat currency. This coming day of reckoning will shatter the dreams of central bankers and crush the aspirations of politicians who hide their avarice in cloaked altruism and ignoramus ideas.

As the fed has been purchasing MBS (mortgage backed securities) and pumping away withe QE infinity they have once again created a problem that they themselves can never fix. If one were to look at the money supply in this nation one can see that deposit rates are far out striping loan rates. Lets put this into perspective, joe sixpack on the street is broke, main street america continues to be decimated and yet bank deposit rates are at an all time high. So what does it mean? When the crime lords at the fed decided to buy MBS the deal was to purchase the accounts from primary buyers and leave the a cash deposit at their account with the fed itself to which the primary buyers have access to.

The primary buyer would simply take the cash and deposit it at one of their member banks and viola instant billion dollar deposit. The problem is that the economy is so broken, unsure and unstable that member banks can't loan out those deposits as the risk for business ventures is at an all time high. Corporations are unsure and weary of the volatile market that future growth and investments have all been put on hold. So what does it all mean? Ill put it to you this way. Picture if you will a massive boat that has a very shallow bottom and is incredibly top heavy. This ocean liner will be called SS US Economy, a once lavish ship designed for and retrofitted for good times and pleasure. The very top floors of it's decks contained all manner of entertainment and gastronomic indulgences from shows to eatries, theaters and recreations. The only problem is that this boat was designed only for fair weather and to make matters worse, the crew have gone on a drug binge and destroyed all the radar and navigational equipment. On top of that good news this very top heavy ship is heading straight into the mother of all typhoons. This folks is what the US economy is. What once was a battle ship tempered by conflict and fueled by rugged individualism has now been refitted to a pleasure liner with a very shallow bottome and a very heavy top.

The fed has made the economy top heavy on top of all the other problems these madmen have created in the market place. This extreme supply of deposits will be more gasoline to the soon coming hyperinflation and currency bust. Folks this ship is starting to keel it is time to head to the life perservers of precious metals.


Feb 28, 2013

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