Alert from reader in Missouri

I just wanted to send you a quick heads up. A couple days ago I witnessed a
Chinook land in a clearing near my workplace, something that has never
happened in my many years there. The area where it landed was secluded on
the edge of town. It circled the area a couple times and landed. It was
stationary for 5-6 minutes then proceeded to leave. I believe it was
designating landing zones. A close friend has been reporting similar
activity near his home on a regular basis. The previous day, I watched two
Humvee's making cargo runs. They would pass with small enclosed trailers
attached and return without them. I witnessed them make at least two trips.
Yesterday, I saw another Humvee equipped with an armored M2 .50 BMG
platform (no M2 attached). I have never seen an M2 ready Humvee on the
street before. I mentioned the latter incident to my closest friend and
Marine, he informed me that he has witnessed Apache's parallelling the
highway on his daily commute recently. I have not seen domestic activities
on this level before.

A in MO

Mar 4, 2013

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