What I warned about back in January has now come full circle. The Japanese have decided to perform Hara Kiri on themselves and disembowel their economy on a global stage. What can only be decribed as willfull suicide the BOJ has decided to begin buying derivatives. The most volatile financial weapon of mass destruction will be purchased by the Japanese, the question is why?

You see friends what I have said before is that Japan has been set up as an ancillary support system for the dollar dominated world market. As the US economy continues its death spiral Japan has been ordered to jump on the grenade and keep the dollar charade going for just a little bit longer. The poor Japanese people have been sold out by their leaders and the only nation that could have helped them, they have alienated, China. Japan will be buying US derivative debt, there by releasing some of the preasure build up in the derivative market helping the TBTF banks (Too Big To Fail) in the US,as well as devaluing the currency by taking it to nose dive hyper speed.

This will not set well with the Chinese as they will have to devalue as well but the difference being the Chinese have prepared for this ten years ago. Japan is finished, energy and food prices are through the roof they are moving from the lost decades to being the lost civilization. I implore the Japanese people to stand up and put an end to this maddness. Your leaders are all double agents of globalist banking interests they have sold you all down the river. They are now trying to genocide you by pushing you to a war with China that you cannot win. They have poisoned you with Fukashima and they are impoverishing you with their ecomomic schemes. Please stand up and take your nation back while you still have a chance.

For everyone in the US please ignore the spot prices of Gold and silver as the physical is harder and harder to come by. Keep buying you will need something to bribe, barter, and buy with in the days that are ahead. As I told some of you months ago the DOW is going to go hyperbolic, up 14-16000 points before the final massive crash. Be prepared.


Mar 12, 2013

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