URGENT: Possible Marine and FEMA mobilization in South Georgia.

URGENT: Possible Marine and FEMA mobilization in South Georgia.

Steve, I am a Marine Corps combat veteran living in Thomasville, GA. As of
10am - 3/25, I personally spotted four AH-1 Whiskey Cobra attack helo's
carrying FULL ordance, (hellfires, 1.75mm rockets,) Travelling on a NE
heading. Not even two hours later myself and several LEO friends of mine
spotted two CH-53 Sea Stallions headed in the opposite azimuth. These
helo's were not behaving as if they were in transit, they were at tree top
level lumbering across our town. I drove down to the FEMA warehouse, (we
have two in this town, one for supplies, and the Federal Regional office,
which is on every online list as being an underground FEMA facility.)
Outside, there were Ford F-350's loading pallets of supplies and ferrying
back and forth to the Federal Regional office. Steve, we could be wrong,
but it looks like they are preparing to take cover or respond to some sort
of crisis.

Note: The maximum fuel range for a Cobra is 358 miles. If they originated
from Pensacola, they would not be able to make it to ANY East cost Naval
Air Station without going bingo fuel, with this location being past thier
midpoint. Any fueling assisstance would have to come from aviation support
somewhere besides a military base.Steve, I'm updating the email from this afternoon. As of 9pm, we still have
Marine Corps CH-53's and Cobra's in the air at random intervals. A friend
called a like minded LEO in our group and stated that he witnessed the
transports dropping behind the trees at the FEMA Federal Regional facility,
(shown on every FEMA camp website as an underground facility,) and
unloading gear onto trucks. Another LEO heard a fellow officer, who is with
the National Guard unit in our town, stating that they are being called in
for a joint "training excercise," even though 80% of that unit is away for
annual training. These are the facts so far; Marine attack helicopters are
carrying ordnance and are escorting transport helo's in and out of a FEMA
facility and the nearest Marine helicopter squadron is based at MCAS New
River, nearly 500 miles from here. They are operating with logistical
support that is within range, an unheard of logistic feat for a simple
"training excercise" occurring stateside

Mar 26, 2013

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