Troop movements California:Prepared and Loaded for Bear-Putting the Pieces Together

I have been following alerts..I too saw a military convoy this past Sunday...several things about it struck me as odd to say the least..I have seen many convoys here in the past but none like this...this convoy was traveling north on the 405 freeway just south of long beach(20 miles south of LAX) and consisted of about 20 humvees and light humvee trucks ,some pulling covered trailers but the trailers had frames so as not to give away shapes of items enclosed?..however one trailer was uncovered and had a probably 15 kw gas generator. On it...normally these convoys travel at less than 60 miles per hour( engine speed governors) however these were going in excess of 70 ( I was going about 78 mph as usual) as I moved past them rather slowly. Every one of the soldiers was in full battle gear with helmets strapped so tight that I could see their skin pushing up through the chin straps.Usually the troops I see around here are laughing it up and enjoying themselves as if on a field trip- these were very serious.The vehicles were green not tan and every single soldier was white,pasty white skinned- not tan at all- no Asians no Hispanics no Blacks no ethnic diversity whatsoever.Just white and they looked as if they could have all been brothers....very very strange as I am nearly 50 years old and have lived here nearly all my life and have never seen such a column before.Thought it was time to stand up and help others to put the pieces together...your brother in

Mar 28, 2013

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