My thoughts on what happens next in the financial markets:JACK

Here is what I think is happening ..

The gold market was brought down because by the end of this month or early next month the LBMA and Comex will default ...

(Timing is never guaranteed because the banksters still have tricks . but reality always has the final say )

Gold and silver are gone due to short selling and the low prices that resulted in order to assist in the rigging of the dollars purchasing power .. so in essence the gov has been selling gold to keep the dollars value from slipping so fast .. but as usual they have sold way past the amount of gold and silver they have ( mortgaging the wealth of Americans in the process) ... but now reality is about to show up and the game is going bust.

Banksters are crashing the price to cover some of their shorts which soon will come back on them .. see the first article below.

What will happen when the comex collapses ?

1) no prices available for silver ( gold too) ...
2) thinking public becomes aware of severe silver shortages and starts trying to get some .. ( and there is none )
3) implied price of silver and gold goes up .. as physical holders are unwilling to sell because they know the price is going even higher ..
4) the IMMEDIATE crash in purchasing power of the dollar as the perceived value of silver and gold skyrocket ..
5) Then the Bond market will start to shake and rattle and creak and crack .. and then will begin the bursting of the greatest bubble in history ..
6) All Paper gold and silver will likely be involved with fraudulent selling of shares -- there has been rampant selling of fraudulent shares of precious metals stock shares
7) Mining companies are going bankrupt because prices are below production costs, but after the devaluation, there will be no money for long or short term capital, to continue to mine ( for a while )

This is why they have the FEMA camps and the troops and are messing with bitcoin ..

Food prices will rise immediately
guns, ammo, toilet paper ..

Its going to get bad ..

Supporting articles here :

The caveat .. Some benevolent lover of mankind shows up with lots of gold and silver and it is all ok ..

There is still gold out there.. in hoards . for example the Catholic Church just might be sitting on a big pile of plundered gold .. But I don't see any silver hiding .. not enough anyway ..

Apr 17, 2013

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