Dear Steve,

As a cop for 25 years, I always had some trouble about a lot of the
accusations of false flag operations. As a cop when we would want to set a
target up in a sting operation, we would set up a real scenario to entrap
this guy( he had to know this was real) and then catch him doing a real
crime, that we set up!

Clearly now this has been the M.O. all along of the Govt. operations. Even
all the way back to 9-11. Most of the Saudi hijackers in 9-11 visited a
Saudi FM in FL days before the attack and that FM was a FBI contact. The
mysterious John Doe #2 that got of the van w/ Timothy McVeigh in OK. Was
that an FBI contact or handler? The school shooting and Theater shooting,
clearly there were other shooters or handlers on the scene and stopped by
the police and then disappear. Now we have a Saudi handler of these two
bombers in Boston all already known to the FBI and a son of Osama Bin
Laden? And we didn't know? These are all real events, but controlled, set
up and allowed to happen for their purposes.

You are so much right on, Boston was a set up to practice and condition
Americans to accept martial law & more loss of our God given freedoms.

When I watched live, as the people in Boston applauding militarized police
violating their rights, I believe the Lord brought me to; Rev. 11
about the two witnesses and all of us who are following and leading with
them as Daniel states, doing great exploits; so when they come and kill the
two witnesses & us, the world celebrates and gives gifts to each other. What
deception is already in this world!

The Lord has made it very clear to me it's time to go, I will resign as a
cop next Monday, clearly the Lord does not want me to be part of all of
this coming, but I pray to position me to do great acts of
exploits(miracles) in the days to come. A time to stand, a time to be a
witness, clearly this is very, very close.

God bless you Steve for all that you do, Your ministry in my life has had a
huge impact for wisdom and discernment that God has used to help me
obedient to the Lord in many things as well as making this life changing
decision. Already new doors of ministry are opening that could not of
happened if I had decided to stay working as a cop; God is faithful and He
is so Good all the time. PTL.

In His Name

Apr 22, 2013

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