Sand Castles in the midst of an Economic Tsunami.-'V'-The Guerrilla Economist

When I was a child I was always enamored by those who take copious amounts of time building sand castles on the beach. I too parlayed my efforts into building these amusing and engaging edifices of one's imagination. The only thing though is that as one begins to build these great creations be it small or something of a very grand scale, it is only time before the tide comes in and washes away what one has labored so hard to build. The eldest among us understood that these creations of sand are only temporal but it is the children that have the greatest heart ache. It is almost world ending for some. Thus so it is with today's modern society, you have those that are awake to what is going on and understand that no matter what they build here in this life, very few things are lasting and even fewer stand the test of time. The other's and I know that some of you who frequent this site or are an audience to my warnings will understand. That there are some that feel with such strong conviction that their sand castle is forever. That it is venerable, a construct that showcases their abilities, their worth, and their legacy. Fools is what I call them.

This week we had the market do some incredible things. Hot on the heels of the Gold and Silver beat down that I predicated with uncanny accuracy, the DOW continues it's upward climb. Irrespective that IBM, CISCO, and Caterpillar all reported revised earnings much lower than what was forecast. Irrespective of the false flag attack in Boston (My advise to the FBI is please use better dim wits next time) continued job loss, a housing market reflation that is deflating faster than popped balloon, still the insane Plunge Protection Team, Hyper Bernankian Stimulation has caused every idiot with a room temperature I.Q. to dump his PM holdings, JPY and Euro positions and run to the dollar as the last bastion of safety. Folks this is the equivalent of a child not being able to register in his mind that the high tide is coming in and the fruits of his labor is about to be wiped. This time though it is not high tide but an inescapable TSUNAMI.

Today's news reported that because of a hacked AP tweet about Barry O's white house going up in flames. $23+ billion dollars left the S&P 500 in three minutes. Sure and I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you. What this immediate sell off really is more than just a tweet gone wrong. Word is that this is how hair triggered the market is that such wild undulations will cause mass sell offs. Either these are the fastest movement of capital that I have seen or the Banksters are running some sort of test again. I would lean to that conclusion till I can prove otherwise.

What you have here on this chart (Courtesy of Bloomberg) is showing the incredible three minute short and the squeeze that has occurred in the market. Still this type of information is not enough to dissuade the delusional hopeful who are believing in a "turnaround". Look lets be honest some of you have dumped your silver and gold stores in a panic tizzy and some even have flown back to equities and a even a few of you ran to annuities. I have stated that this is a sting operation perpetrated by the BOJ and the Fed. Selling off and flooding the market with worthless paper certificates, working in collusion with their Bullion Bank henchman. I stated on the Hagmann and Hagmann show on the 15th of April that this will cause a buying spree in Asia and that is exactly what has happened. All the central banks are printing to oblivion, the politicians have committed to this madness and are in full support of a global currency war. In the process YOUR wealth Oh sand castle builder is being wiped out. YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING IN THIS PERFECT MATHEMATICAL ECONOMIC TSUNAMI that is set to overtake you.

Once again the governments and Central Banks are walking lockstep with the Banksters in creating total centralization of wealth and vertical integration of capital power. Do some of you cry at night wonder why Barry O' does nothing to fix the economy. Do you wonder why it is nigh near impossible for small business owners to function and for new ones to start up? Have you ever thought why there are crushing taxes that seem to benefit only a select few at the malaise of many? Think about it. They have killed private wealth to the point that those in the western economies can do nothing but run to their respective government bonds or even to the the US Tbills and Dollars. Sad is it not? That this is the environment that is purposely been created. This is done in order to tether all of those that are in equity distress to the Dollar, The USS Titanic. A ship so overladen with excess debt that not only is it about to hit a Iceberg but a Tsunami as well. You see the plan is to create the panic, and get everyone on board and then sink the ship with all hands on deck. Total LOSS OF LIFE!!!! Who but rank and file communists would want total destruction of private wealth?

So how do you escape. I have told you and will again beat it over your heads that the way to escape this Satanic System of Enslavement is to be Filled to the brim with Gold and Silver as well as food and a few other preparedness items necessary for barter. I stated many times that paper certificates show no bearing on actual physical market/inventory. The GLD/SLV dive in the sport market last Friday was the signal to people like me that the de-coupling between futures prices and physical metals acquisition prices, that we have been preaching about in the metals market has finally begun to take place. Today there are hefty Premiums that are being paid and delayed deliveries up to 8 weeks. Renaissance Metals that SQ, runs is one of a handful that can get you what you need. Renaissance goes out on the Secondary Market to acquire what you need.The precious metals pool of supply is running even lower with recent mint shutdowns of production for certain stampings, which has done nothing to alleviate the situation. So get on with it. Pick up your pail, dust off your tush and settle it in your heart, that what you built is a worthless pile of sand and get yourself into something that has stood the test of time for over 8000 years. Get Gold and Silver while you still can.Price is no longer the issue as AVAILABILITY AND DELIVERY TIME BECOMES CRITICAL!

Be Prepared,

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Apr 24, 2013

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