They" have done 3 launches now. Our friends who are the caretakers at Eureka Co. airport were contacted that "they" wanted to launch "weather balloons". We watched the first launch (they didn't want to many people there and NO pictures). The balloons are clear, they are not big like a hot air balloon but fair size. "They" are pretty tight lipped about what they are doing but told us (I asked) they were needed to study the jet stream at high altitude because nobody has (a load of crap). That is all they would say. We watched the first 4 launched about 3 weeks ago. The second 4 last week we could see them but didn't go to the airport, we did watch as one came down and then took off again. "They" said they want them to land in Kansas. Today they launched 6. They are filled with helium. When we watched them the first time at the airport each one had a different package attached.

The head guy called someone each time they launched. All the crew were young men in there mid 20's to mid 30's and very fit. The head guy arrived on a fancy jet with the "packages" each time. I asked where they flew in from and they said the Bay area. Our sheriff ran the N number and the jet is hired out along with the pilot. The rest of the trucks/trailers he said were owned by google. Our Sheriff today took a bunch of pictures (our friends said) and they got upset and he looked at his patch and said I'm the sheriff here and I will take photos!

Doin's like this don't go on much around here!

Apr 26, 2013

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