V's Latest:Germany is facing another 'Weimar Republic Meltdown' - U.S.PONZI SCHEME IS BEING REVEALED FOR THE TRUE FRAUD THAT IT IS-

This week the hottest topic I feel and one that really ties in the Euro Zone, the metals beat down and the Ponzi scheme of the US/ Fed Reserve system is the admission in a very subtle way; that the Fed has no GOLD to pay the Germans.

This is a huge issue one that many do not know the magnitude of. You see the Germans are the least infected of the Euro Mafia Cartel Contagion. They have also realized that this La Costra Nostra is a crime family that is losing control of it's operations, with members like Spain and Greece totally failed and the Italians following suite close behind.

The Germans know in the midst of a Euro Collapse and a population that has far grown disenchanted with the European Superstate, brimming over with nationalistic fervor; it will be suicide to go through a Euro Collapse and domestic upheaval at the same time. It would spell end to the German power brokers and as alluring as it was for them to be beneficiaries of the Euro initially, it has now become a pain and a death sentence. So the choice that they are facing is this: Go down with the Euro and lose everything or hedge yourself for a Euro Collapse and come out with the reigns of power in tact.

Merkel's party is losing big, in fact any politician running on a pro-Euro platform is assured a swift and speedy defeat. This past week the Germans have demanded there gold back from the NY Fed vaults. To say that the Fed was stalling would be an understatement. They have used excuses such as there are "too many tourist/ visitors that security will be an issue" to I"t would take us up to 2020 to start delivery."

So the 52 million ounce ( German Fed holdings are approximately 1500 metric tons) question is where is the gold? The short answer to any of my German readers is that it is gone. For years German central bankers and politicians went by the simple word and written assurance from the Fed that their Gold is safe and sound. This however was simply based on the 1979 bar list and audit done by the Fed. The proverbial fox guarding the hen house. Now it would seem that the fox has eaten all the chickens but the farmer is finally awoken to the fact of his mistake.

You see in order to prolong the Ponzi scheme that is the US economy. The ones who run the scheme must make some sort of payment along side promissory notes thus there has been an agreement to repatriate 150 tons of Gold back to Germany for the next three years. Breaking that down that is 50 tons a year. A mere Ponzi payment in the grand scheme of things. The main thing that readers need to be mindful of is the fact there are not only countries that are crying for the repatriation of their gold but states within the US are demanding the same. The first one that come to my mind is Texas. This demand is going only to increase, so what is a group of criminal mad men to do ? Simple. Destroy the value of the very thing that the sovereigns are clamoring for: gold and silver spot prices. I was the only one to predict the gold and silver suppression to the exact numbers that they are now today. Here is what is going to happen next: the suppression looks like that it will continue at least till the end of May. There is a major reason why JPM has divested itself of it's bullion holdings. All over the western banking world certain central banks in conjunction with multinational banks and elements within the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) are moving PM's into the hands of select individuals/ organizations. Some nations are not on this list and Germany being the envy of Europe is not on this list. This is a move that the German power brokers/ elites are aware of and are fuming mad over it. This is also the primary driver of the warming of relationships to Russian and Chinese elites. The Germans are a strong and resourceful people they can only tolerate being fleeced for so long, it did not work after WWI with the treaty of Versailles and it will not work today. Look for a major nationalistic fervor when the German public wake up to the fact that their elites already know...That the Fed does NOT have their GOLD!!!

The few gold shelves that was shown to German bureaucrats to assuage their fears of missing bullion are gold covered TUNGSTEN bars!!! That is the truth and the Germans are suspect of it. It will be interesting what and how things will transpire in Deutschland but one thing is very clear. The charade that the Fed and US bankers/Financiers have been playing CAN NOT CONTINUE MUCH LONGER. The only way for them to make it out of this mess is an economic collapse. This way they can default on their debts and in the ensuing chaos pilfer the gold and silver with a promise to pay it back...One day. Again look for a continued suppression, for the next time you will see Gold and Silver shoot to the moon IT WILL BE IN AN AMERICAN FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, the domino of which will be Japan. There is a reason why the Japanese are heating up the rhetoric with China over the disputed islands in the South China Sea. It is a play of Keynesian desperation with the lie that war is good for business. This will be the last conflict they will have, if the Japanese decide to embark on that path.

Preventing another Weimar Republic is the mission of Germany, being the 3rd largest Gold holder in the world with a desire to grow that inventory will be the thing that will keep them afloat in the coming storm. The wheels are coming off the American Ponzi scheme, every week less and less nations believe our lies. We are running out of peoples to lie to and we are being seen for the con artists that we are. I don't like giving time tables as it is very difficult but the next ten months are critical.


Apr 28, 2013

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