- An official presidential motorcade is now travelling from Damascus on the Damascus-Homs motorway, with all the roadside lights off
- #SYRIA #Damascus: Strange odors throughout the capital city are causing runny eyes and coughing
- Members of Assad's inner circle fleeing to Beirut with the lights of #Damascus-Beirut road power off completely, activists say #Israel
- According to Syrian activists, the Israeli Airstrike targeted the following locations:
- 105th Brigade (Republican Guard)
- 104th Brigade
- Missile Brigade (Qasioun Mount)
- Arms Depot (Qasioun Mount)
- Jamraya Scientific Research Centre
- Defense Factories near the town of Hameh.
- One location near the premises of the Fourth Division in Qudsaya.
- Arms Depot for the Fourth Division in Qudasya.
- Scud Missile base between the towns of Ma’arbeh and al-Tal.
- Radio_FreeSyria unconfirmed reports Assad ordered forces to mobilise in Golan Hts-set to declare war on Israel
- According to an Israeli channel, Israel has officially cancelled all schools/day jobs tomorrow in case #Syria decides to attack Tel Aviv.
- @AlArab_Qatar Israeli channel ten confirms that 12 raids took place in #Syria #damascus and its suburbs
- Israel's Channel 10 is reporting a loss of contact with two Israeli warplanes over Syria #damascus
- Interfax news agency: Russian naval ships move at this time of the Black Sea in the direction of the Syrian port of Tartus
BTW... Russia already got 6 WARSHIPS off Syria/Israel... and 6 more are coming.
Russia currently has six ships in the Mediterranean, including the Azov, which made frequent trips to the region before, calling at the Russian resupply base in the Syrian city of Tartus.
Another six ships of the Pacific Fleet are on the way to the Mediterranean and expected to join the task force later this month.
Can you say WW3???
The ONLY ones at this point who can stop this madness from going full on chemical war/total war between Iran/Lebanon/Syria perhaps even Egypt vs Israel is Russia...
Remember that in 73, when Israel was nearly overwhelmed, they deployed their nukes for use... then the war turned around... if anyone launches anything chemical or biological at Israel, Israel is gonna nuke someone.

May 5, 2013

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