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Apropos to the Brighton anomaly; some background.

You may or not be aware that Brighton (known as London by the sea)
was and still is known for it's prevalence of occult groups / activity.

The bizarre hurricane Britain suffered in 1987
was attributed (by those in the know) to activities / portal openings /rituals akin to the Jack Parsons
Babylon working (performed in the 40s in the US.)
but this time carried out by an occult group here in the UK known as the "Friends of Hecate."
They operated in a town called Worthing in West Sussex (only 10 miles from Brighton)
and more specifically within Clapham wood in Worthng (I have heard, due to risk of exposure,
they have not been there for some time now.)

The time of the storm (mid Oct 1987) could be seen as them exploiting the energies available
leading up to Samhain. Reports of energy vortexes, dogs going missing (relevant to Hecate worship)
all being reported in those woods through out the years. There was also the case of the missing
preacher (again in October wonder why eh?) Reverend Harry Neil Snelling – the retired vicar of
Clapham Parish disappeared on All Hallow’s Eve in 1978 while returning home across the Downs from a
dental appointment in Goring; his body was eventually found three years later by a Canadian tourist,
who only informed the police of his discovery after he had left the country.
Hastings, where Crowley turned up his toes is also very close to Brighton as is the New Forest
but that's a whole other article trust me!

A film you may be aware of THE MIST (taken from a Stephen King story) is pretty revealing.
We can see the prevalence of portal opening Lovecraft-esque fims being introduced to the public (end scene
of "Cabin in the Woods" "Pacific Rim" directed by admitted Lovecraft fanatic Guillermo del Toro )
facilitating the sympathetic magic of the elites in pre-warning the masses.


This may or may not be relevant to the above.
Hecate is also known as the goddess of untimely deaths i.e suicide.
Wales is currently experiencing both a tragic and bizarre tsunami of teenage suicides.
Some years back an associate of mine received a vision of hanging children (similar to a scene from the
recent film "Sinister.") Some have blamed it on NLP hidden in blood thirsty theater
plays being performed in some of the villages where this is occurring.
but if you understand the "personality" of these entities it's ultimately all about worship.


I am a film maker here in the UK; this is my Infowars Paul Revere comp entry if anyone is interested.
Please free to link to this email Stev

May 15, 2013

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