I just read the Reptilian face thing in Denver Colorado.. I just about fell out of my chair at work.. Get this it was about a Month ago I saw the same thing Steve as I was driving home from Loveland Colorado but I live in Thornton Colorado. My regular route home would be down I 25, then make my exit on 144th going south bound. I make a left on 144th and head straight to Colorado Boulevard it was in the middle of 136th and 128th when I saw the same thing but this “THINGS” face was not human.. and it also walked really strange too. I had to take a second look at this and remember slowing down and looking at it but it never looked at me. WOW.. I even told my wife and she said I was crazy but this brother confirmed it to me now.

I wonder where he saw it at , I mean what part of Denver.

Blessings to you..

May 15, 2013

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