Steve I watched a TV show called Supernatural recently. There was a scene in the show where angles were falling from Heaven. It was just like the description I read about in your Q-Alerts not long ago. They were falling straight down with a bright trail. The moment I saw the falling angles I thought about the Q-Alert you posted. The media industry once again shows the reality of the Supernatural in a movie or TV show. The story line of the show is about two brothers who fight demons and work with an angel at times to overcome the evil in the world. The one thing that stands out is that God is nowhere to be found and there is no mention of Jesus. Shows like Supernatural mislead people with false doctrine and diminish the divinity of Jesus. In this show God is even AWOL from heaven. The war against Christians is happening on every front! Right is wrong, truth is a lie, wrong is right, and a lie is the truth these days. We were warned about such times in the Bible.

I am not sure what part I am to play in the events to come. I do have the feeling God has something for me to do. My life seems to me to have been a long term training experience for this time. I am glad I am able to understand what is going on around me as a Christian who can understand the world with hidden knowledge of God. The lost are truly lost in this day and time.

I have had the joy of seeing a couple hundred people come to Jesus after I shared the good news with them. I know that is a small number but I have seen very bad people make a complete turn-around as a prison Chaplain. I have seen the power of God manifest itself in the natural. I often think the ministry did me more good than the people I worked with, due to the changed lives I witnessed through the power of God. If you see the events I have seen you cannot help but believe in the power of God through Jesus. I, like you, have experienced the presence of Jesus. Coming face to face with Jesus is a game changer. The feeling of love and peace was like nothing I have ever experienced.

With Jesus for Life, ANTHONY

May 18, 2013

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