Regarding the previous emails concerning FEMA, DHS, and military vehicles
in Houston:

The vehicle movements and stationing have been happening in the Houston
area at least since 2003. During that time, I was still in the military,
working in intelligence, and purchased a home near the Houston Ship Channel
to move to when my service time was up. I remember seeing these trains
loaded with vehicles and noted that, during that time (we had just invaded
Iraq) the vehicles were OD green, not tan.

In the past few years, the military units in Houston have also been
repositioned, in ways I cannot rationalize. First, the Army and Navy
reserve units moved from the Hospital District (downtown Houston) to
Ellington Air Field (makes sense there) so that all military units were at
one complex. But then I noticed that several (I don't know the exact
count, but more than 2 at least) new buildings were being built (not at
Ellington) that were labeled as Army Reserve bases. There is plenty of
space to build at Ellington, so there is no "real" need to build these
large complexes less than a 30 min drive away. They do not appear to be
complete yet, to my knowledge at least.

In addition, I do know of a very well hidden DHS facility that you could
never find on a map, or even if you drove past it, but I noticed enough DHS
personnel leaving the area to know its there. I also talked with some DHS
personnel at the local gun range, answering their questions about
self-sustainability (seems they are aware of what is about to go down.) On
a related note, I did notice at least two DHS personnel with badges that
mentioned being detention officers. Just found that odd for this area.

Based on what I can figure, there are at least three DHS/ICE facilities
located in NE Houston near the airport (I think only 1 is public knowledge)
along with about 2 Army reserve centers being built not too far from those.
Ellington Field is not too far from the Houston Ship Channel. There are
railways that can connect all of these areas easily (I have driven a lot of
back roads here, and most of these things are found away from the main

I also have been seeing an increase in uniformed military away from the
south, which is where Ellington Field is.

Feel free to reorganize or edit this info if posting it can help; this is
pretty disorganized. If published, please just sign my name as "J"

On another note, thank you for all of your ministry, and I feel that God
has used you in a mighty way because you are willing to speak and share
what He says for you to do. Because of what you have shared, we have made
sure to stockpile to help others when judgement finally falls at its
fullest on this nation (judgement has already begun.)

May 18, 2013

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