Hi Steve,

Just read your high alert sent from the man in Jacksonville. Amazingly
enough yesterday I was playing with my granddaughter in the backyard and
witnessed something I have never seen before. We live right across the
bridge from the navy base. Though we often see jets flying over head,
yesterday I saw and unmarked c-130 flying over my home so low it seemed to
touch the tree tops. It was grey in color and completely unmarked. I have
seen several in the past week, but never flying this low.
I yelled for my husband as he is former navy and I myself am a former
marine, and know how unusual this is.

The Holy Spirit put a huge warning in my spirit and I knew something was wrong.
Also, I have seen much more jet activity and even low flying military
helicopters. The Lord really spoke to me when I read this alert. He said
they are being exposed, and have to come down on us now in fear the people
will wake up completely, and their plans will not go as they want. For a
long time Steve the Lord has let me know He will not allow their plans to
go as they want them to. When I saw how the sins of America were being put
out there for the whole nation to see. The Lord brought to my rememberance
your words. The Lord will expose their sins and the sins of the nation to
the people before the full impact of judgement falls. My son- in- law came
to me on Friday before all this and said the Lord brought the same thing
back to his rememberance as the O administration, the media, and the
abortion industry is being outed.

Please pray the Lord tell us exactly when to leave and bug out to our place
of refuge. Although I think the Lord may have already let us know.

God Bless you Steve, and all those who are faithful to warn God's people.
We love you, may God have mercy on us all.


May 20, 2013

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