2,000 CAMERAS INSTALLED IN SCHOOL IN KEITHVILLE LA-EVERY 20 FEET--the reason stated was that a lot of students are tardy for class and they need to keep better watch on them WHICH is complete BS.

im writing you because of something that has recently caught my attention.
the other day i was visiting my oldest daughter's school and noticed
surveillance cameras literally every twenty feet. this is not an
exaggeration. upon noticing the cameras, i decided to walk around the
campus to scope out the situation. in all i counted over two thousand
cameras. they were everywhere, every doorway, hallway, corner, classroom,
parking lot, ect.. . from my estimation, there is no place on the school
campus that is not under surveillance except for possibly the restrooms, i
did not go in to check the restrooms. i questioned my daughter about this
and she said that the cameras were installed a few months ago. the reason
stated was that a lot of students are tardy for class and they need to keep
better watch on them. that ofcourse is complete BS. upon hearing our
conversation, my younger daughter informed me that they also just recently
had cameras installed at her school. the next day i decided to go and have
lunch with her and noticed the same thing, cameras everywhere. another
thing that may be of interest. my oldest daughter told me that their entire
school was under total lockdown on the last day. police officers where
searching pockets, purses, and backpacks. the reason stated was that they
feared the students would try to pull off some sort of prank on the last
day. my thoughts were, what the heck are the camers for then. our school
grounds have become prisons!!! it appears that the police state is in full
operation mode. Steve, please post this message, i am curious to see if
anyone else can testify to surveillance camers being recently installed at
other school campuses.
sincerely, D.

May 24, 2013

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