I see many so called Christians who are living in horror of what is coming because they have no teaching or practical experience with overcoming the panic that is keeping them from action.

Mr. Quayle:

I have debated with myself for a number of days whether I should or
shouldnt write you. I felt lead to write after reading a goodly number of
your prophecies in the Dreams and Vision section of your website.

I was also intrigued by Vs and your comments on the May 24, 2013 Hagmann &
Hagmann Report. No, this is not a hit email to question or argue with
anything that was said throughout that report or to disparage anything that
people have written you concerning their dreams (Of some I am skeptical
others I can verify as true). On the contrary, I am in complete agreement
with you and V regarding the current economic, political, social and
religious events that we are now privileged to experience.

By way of introduction: My name is Tim Case and I have written a number of
articles for Lew Rockwell; here are my archives:

As you can see I am a historian albeit I am not paid by any institution of
mans for this work. My profession is a truck driver and former US Army
warrant officer.

What I am writing you concerning is the simple but profoundly misunderstood
word FEAR because this is my ministry to the Believing church. I see many
so called Christians who are living in horror of what is coming because
they have no teaching or practical experience with overcoming the panic
that is keeping them from action.

I know men who call themselves Christian who nearly wet themselves when
they think of what is now happening in the financial markets then shake
uncontrollably when they are brought to the realization that persecution of
the Body of Christ is coming.

Their terror resides primarily in the fear of imprisonment, torture and
death. Yet, we see time and time again throughout Scriptures men and women
of God who were victorious because they acted in spite of what would
terrified them.

I guess that is why I have faced death more often then most and have a
solid foundation in understanding that dread which leads to inaction is sin
but acting in spite of our fear are the works of the Godly and will be
bless by the Living Christ who resides with us always.

We see this throughout the Psalms of David. Does anyone think there was no
fear when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego refused to bow down
Nebuchadnezzars image of gold (Daniel 3)? Sure they felt fear but they were
not terrified into conforming. Here is what I am getting at: human fear
(and even Jesus felt it since he sweated blood due to fear) is not sin
until it is a wedge between us and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our
days are numbered by God and ONLY God can say when the day of death will
occur. Nothing and I mean nothing can take our life, torture us, or
imprison us unless, 1: we are outside the body of Christ due to sin or 2.
It is Gods plan for our life. If in fact it is Gods plan for us then
NOTHING can keep us from it. So we might as well act in spite of our fear.

Am I making sense? Let me say this as a way of example. In January of
this year I was rebelling against God. How makes no difference, but to
bring me around by February 1 of this year He turned my own body against
me. As a result, my wife (a former ICU RN) informs me that my blood
pressure dropped into the low 80s and high 70s, my lungs filled with fluid
and for two weeks I was in a coma on the verge of death. She reminded God
of His promise to me and one that we have been holding on to for over 40
years. In those two weeks and during my coma I had a number of
conversations with the Lord. I repented and promised Him I would stop my
rebellion. When I regained my senses I was weak as a baby, I had lost over
1/6th my body weight and my lung capacity was greatly diminished; so much
so that I couldn't take a deep breath or walk 20 feet without being totally

Two weeks after being discharged from the hospital I was on oxygen and I
started to bleed into my lungs loosing nearly one full quart of blood
within minutes. Near death again I was flown to a special hospital in
Seattle where the bleeding in my lungs was stopped. I was told then that it
would be many months before I would be healthy again. That is NOT what God
had promised me during my coma and that isn't what happened.

In the site of 2 months my lung capacity returned to a point greater then I
had before my rebellion, my weight and strength returned so quickly it even
amazed the doctors.

As of May 13th of 2013 I was given a clean bill of health and told there
was nothing more that the medical profession could do for me. This is the
power of the living God.

This is what the Christian church needs to learn. Nothing can touch us
unless it is the will of God. There is no power greater. We fear yes, but
we NEVER use fear as an excuse for inaction.

The Lord Bless You
Tim Case
Winlock, WA

May 27, 2013

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