Last week I was at JC Penneys in Lexington Ky while I had some time between
appointments. I seldom shop and my wife's purchases are mostly online so I
don't carry their store card with me. I went to purchased some slacks and
told the girl at the register I did not have the card with me and she said
that was not a problem. She took my drivers liecense and then told me to
punch in my social security number on the pin pad; at. This point I thought
we were done. The lady then went behind the counter and retrieved a scanner
pad and told meto put my thumb on it for verification. I looked at her for
a moment and then said; I don't use biometric identification for anything!
I than ask ,when did all this start? Is this a store policy everywhere? The
lady looked at me for a moment somewhat dum struck and then said that this
is what they want to move to and told to ask everyone to do. I'm not doing
this,is this going to be a problem I ask? After searching around behind
the counter and stalling for a few minutes she said she may be able to void
the transaction and redo it, which she did. She then to me if I wanted to
make a purchase in the future to let the cashier know in advance and I
could just sign for it. I am fairly certain that if biometric scans are
submitted in this fashion they will fall within the user agreements of the
credit card and be shared between various banking intities and virtually be
made available to the highest bidder and government agencies. I understand
now why most stores are useing these out of date card scanner which are
problematic and not replacing them with new card scanners. Because they
don't intend to! We are certainly going to go completely biometric way
sooner than most can even imagine. Within the last month I have noticed I
am no longer ask to sign for credit purchases at stores and now I am being
told to have my thumb scanned.
Steve I really pray that Christians will wake up and understand that
ObamaCare, the imigration legislation and rise of communism to the highest
offices in the land are the purely evil manifestation of power
consolidation to control the masses.
Thanks for always bringing the uncomfortable truth to the people.
Praise the name of Jesus the Christ !

May 31, 2013

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