Endgame Activated - Warning from V

I will layout something that no else is talking about but is a big issue. That issue is the fact the Russians are irate over the Euro crisis. For you see they have had billions invested within financial institutions and instruments in the Eurozone. They are also one of Europes biggest natural gas supplier, so what do you get when all of a sudden countries in the Eurozone can't pay their bill and the investments that you placed in Euro banks and their instruments go bust? Simple you get angry, especially when NATO is at the same time putting missile batteries at your doorstep to go along side with their dead beat attitude towards paying their bill. All viewed as aggression by the Russians.

The Russians will cut the gas supplies, this will happen in the next few months. This has the potential to be deemed as an act of war or aggression since Europeans are used to the idea of free handouts and or footing the bill to a later date. Back in June I stated that the elites have declared the Euro a collapsed currency (Unofficially of course). I will detail a bit further what are some of the signs of collapse, while the theater of austerity and promises is played out to the masses. After a currency is deemed dead by those that have the power, once they exit the pegs that are knocked from underneath the structure look like this:

Banks are all braced for collapse: This is happening in the Eurozone and the US as well. In fact US banks have been ordered to brace for a "October-November event" This I detailed is the "OFFICIAL" collapse of the Euro. In the US the plans were done back in 2009 not two years ago as some would surmise. This collapse plan would allow JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs to acquire Bank of American and Citigroup. Thus Post collapse there will only be two banking giants in the US, JPM and Goldman. Goldman Sachs will move to full blown retail commercial banking. Yes you read that correctly, Goldman Sachs branches in your neighborhood where you can open a checking account for the new digital currency that you will be carrying. Morgan Stanley will be killed off.

Energy companies pulling out: Apart from the Russians and the mess they are in with the Euro, companies like Royal Dutch Shell the Largest energy company in the world has pulled out all their assets from the Euro. Exxon-Mobile and BP are soon to follow. This will accelerate the global crash even faster.

Bank Hacks: I have told many of you to get your funds out of the accounts here is another reason why. Apart from the banking hacks that is occurring and no one is talking about, which by the way is affecting close to 200 banks worldwide. Gauss Virus that is supposedly affecting the middle east has from my sources confirmed a "Stuxnet created for the banking system" has all the hallmarks of yet another Central Bank/Intelligence Agency operation. Gauss is a beta test, a trail run. There is a more powerful version which will be unleashed right before collapse to sweep all accounts. The name of this from what I am hearing is called project APPOLYON a fitting name indeed. Will they change the name of this destroyer last minute? Maybe.

We are in the final phases of a massive upheaval, with the Olympics distraction over for the masses, look for another distraction to fill the headlines, possible large scale regional war that has the potential to spin out of control into a full scale Global World War. With the close of the Olympics, the state of economics world wide, the elites have nothing else up their sleeves to distract the masses. War is the next made for TV movie. I just hope that it's not as bad as I think it would be, usually it is worse.


Aug 13, 2012

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