Blessings Steve,
Perhaps I need some clarification on this. I misplaced V's email address so I could copy him, too, to get his input/response.
I've never heard it expressed in these terms and would appreciate your thoughts/perspectives.
I believe that the Fed cut a deal with China ( and the other foreign holders of our T-bills) to stop them from dumping T-bills when we started the QE (devaluation) programs. No one in their right mind would be holding T-bills during the massive printing/devaluation process..so here's the deal:
In exchange for our devalued T-bills (arbitrary value set), our big banks/Fed itself smashes down gold/silver by massive (400 ton+)shorts..so China and others can "buy/trade for gold/silver on the (arbitrary, target down, value agreed upon).
Since we no longer have all the physical necessary to satisfy our obligations/indebtedness to China, the Fed prints big dollars to Eurozone, to shake their gold loose, so China and other can pick theirs on the cheap from LBMA/London with the T-bills. Hopefully I have stated this clearly enough to garner your opinion.
I also believe the Friday smashdown, was perhaps, giving the Chinese their last chance to cleanup what remains of the scraps (over this next week), before the "shutdown and formal devaluation". I don't think it is a stretch to see things of this nature discussed between Obama and China this week.
Second thing, the article that you posted from Dave Hodges chilled me. One of the things I have been watching for is activity around Denver Airport. I'm looking for the Obama family to be there, whether announced or not. Convenient time for a vacation. A "drill" this big certainly would require his participation somewhere, somehow.
I'm going to be spending this next week on my final preps. I don't like this at all.
Bless you and all tonite. I have, over the last weeks, been specifically and intentionally interceding for you, your support team,Hagmanns,and all others, by name, that have been on his show for the past six months.

Jun 9, 2013

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