As I arrived at the underpass along the highway just south of US 56 Highway in Kansas, and north of the small rural town of Wellsville, I prepared for what was coming. Immediately upon opening the door of my cruiser, I was slammed with the odor of rotting flesh. The boys who had spotted a shiny object under the bridge knew something bad had happened but did not go any closer. A motorcyclist missing for 10 days had been found. The decomposed remains showed no sign of foul play or drugs. Apparently, lack of sleep had claimed another victim. Handling a scene like this takes time and calls for a strong stomach. I will spare you the gruesome details. Later that month, I was called to an apartment in Olathe, where a man had died and only discovered when the incredible smell of a decomposing body blew down the hallway and the cloud of blow flies exited with full bellies. I had put a finger full of gasoline up my nostrils to mitigate the eye tearing smell, so that I could help carry the body bag out to the ambulance. Other than the sweetish smell of burning flesh, the sight of and smell of a putrid body is one of the worst scenes a responding trooper or police officer can face.
Rescuing an abandoned baby in a roach infested apartment ranks among my horror gallery experiences as well, but the roaches scattered as I picked the child up and we got out of that hell hole. They were EVERYWHERE! Just like America.
You have got to be to the point where you are not going to read any further and I can’t blame you at all. Perhaps you can walk with me a few more steps as we face the dark hallway where sights and smells like these are everywhere and “escape” is not in view.
I am describing precisely the current environment found in Washington, D.C. It is the same vile surroundings that are found at the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderburg Group meetings, the Muslim Holy War Agenda, the CIA and the Mossad, to name but a few. Do you get the connection now?
Not in the history of the world—whether you are an evolutionist or creationist, has rotting flesh in the form of human corruption, treason, baby killing (blood sacrifice to Satan), the “honoring” of homosexuality in our culture, the abject denial of Biblical values and the rejection of Jesus Christ in our hearts and souls in exchange for drugs, sex and rock & roll, ever risen to the scale that is seen EVERYWHERE you look in the United States of America. Schools accept every form of insane teaching standards that could be created. Churches reject every form of sanity through scripture available and families no longer matter or thrive in a vermin infested USA landscape saturated with killing and vice.
Until the rotted underbelly of America was exposed once again to light, was the seven pound ball of maggots at the body’s core clearly seen. A five foot bull snake slithered out from the intestines and slipped into the grass. As unbelieving, filth-covered citizens endure the lies and cover-ups in the hearing rooms, we shrug our shoulders and pop another can of beer while we watch the ball game. Truly, the maggots have more character than this nation’s citizenry. The maggot has more of a purpose in life consuming decayed flesh than many in this country who have demanded the death of their baby because of an immoral, inconvenient CHOICE, or said yes to every known sell-out to the sewer rats in Washington who offer them money and benefits for blind allegiance to whatever evil scheme the politicians come up with. Rats clean up garbage piles, we create them. So the birds of prey in Washington conduct meaningless hearings to allow the record to be clear, but will not go after the rats in the CIA, the IRS, the BATFE, the FBI, the Democrats or the Republicans, the Federal Reserve, the EPA, the NSA, or fifty other blood sucking disease ridden US agencies assigned to break our backs, break our wills and break our bank accounts. Men died in Libya because treasonous cowards ruled in Washington. Teachers, preachers and seekers pay the price with their lives and careers if they even try to lead a patriotic and spiritually correct course of action.
Congress will do nothing to change this wicked, occultist and profane way of governance. There is no money in changing it for the better. They might have to surrender some power if they did. Power is clearly more addicting than heroin. Control of the American nation through surveillance, “enforcement agencies,”
the intimidation of the IRS, AG Eric Holder, National Intelligence director Clapper, Obama and the petticoat generals in the Pentagon, absolutely nothing turns on dictators more than the act of sex called raw power. Washington in is the throes of a constant power orgasm. They will NOT give up this way of life. EVER!!
Now is the time for mass demonstrations in the streets, the state capitols, in front of the schools, city hall, the sheriff’s office, the courthouses, banks, wherever corruption is rampant and tolerated. Millions of Americans need to surround the Capitol in Washington. MILLIONS!! Surround the UN and demand it be removed from US soil. Stand up in your church service and instruct your preacher to drop the 501C3 status at any cost. They need to find their Godly courage and lead as the Shepherd protects the flock instead of working with the wolves to decimate the sheep. Preachers today are actors, pretenders in robes (like judges) who play the part but who have no concept as to the real role they should be filling……………..
Every word I have just written is useless. These things WILL NOT HAPPEN. America is a disgraced, cowardly, and lost nation. As many wise men have said, judgment is at hand and we will drink the bitter cup because of our rejection of Jesus Christ first and foremost. We ARE reaping the whirlwind now for our callous wicked killing of the unborn. We face eternity in hell for our choices.
Then only other course left open is to fight or run to the wilderness and hide. You will soon face that horrible choice. So, you have read the truth and the vile summation of whom and what we are. For the sake of your home, family and friends, get on the spiritual path to redemption. The EF 7 bearing down on you is still coming, but you can at least cover your home with the shelter of God’s grace Moore,, Oklahoma found out that a watchman’s cry, a warning, is frequently short and not always heard. Even some of those who heard did not have enough time or proper shelter to survive. Life was ended abruptly and painfully. Those who survived saw utter devastation. Are you listening and watching?
Our new DVD, the capstone of the Castle Defense series, “Practical, Tactical & Inevitable” is available right now at www.theheartlandusa.com. We have done what we can to help you prepare for the storm. Whatever you decide, the sirens are blowing, “this is NOT a test--take cover immediately.” Hold on! Pray without ceasing. Prepare to meet thy God…………

Jun 9, 2013

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