Very timely data! Reason: the Father showed this morning/afternoon that Syria, (with Russia's backing & blessing), is about to initiate a, "full-on frontal assault;" against Israel.
Reason: 1. To unite the Syrian people.
2. To galvanize the Islamic world against Islam's mortal enemy...Israel.
3. Then, to confront in an, "all out war against Islam's enemies; especially the West/America as the focal point & fulcrum of attention & attack."
4. That world-wide confusion & chaos would result in:
A. Religious/Political/& Ideological sides would of a necessity have to/must be chosen & decided by all nation states and exceptions!
B. This would result in the global economic collapse...period.
C. That America would be/& already is surrounded by foreign forces ready to initiate the, "Final Solution," to get rid of the American scourge from the face of the earth. Tens of millions of our beloved Americans will be slaughtered...simply because they are Americans.
D. The NWO/& UN forces will be called upon to, "restore peace inside the war torn American Heartland;" i.e., foreign military occupation, with ALL of it's horrific implications.
E. Those who have worked so very hard to make this happen...will be executed by said occupation forces. Why? If a person will betray their own country & people, they cannot be trusted...ever. Hence, eliminate the problem forthwith.
5. Russia's offer of, "Peace Keepers & help create a continued buffer zone between Syria & Israel is nothing more than the prelude to Ezekiel 37 - 39." Russia is setting up their, "End Game," in/for the Middle East. This will prompt China to, "make their move to acquire, 'their place at the table of nations in the Middle East. ' "
6. Remember the 17 Page Document the Father gave some years ago? That time is now rapidly unfolding upon us. 7. Civil War will savage our beloved America! Should George Washington's Vision at Valley Forge prove true; America will survive...but...never again as a global power.
8. The Constitution/Bill Of Rights/& Federalist Papers are about to enter the crucible inferno of their respective existence.
9. The Syrian/Israeli; Sunni/Shite; terrorist attacks; "Immigration Reform Debate; Gun/Ammunition Control;" are each in their own right/place a ruse/a tactical military diversion to the Coup taking place within our Beloved America...Right Now!
10. When the aforementioned starts, Federal/State/Local politicians & governments will simply, "disappear & no where to be found...until they think/believe that it is all over for the most part. Then they will, "miraculously reappear to, 'save the world & America from such a destructive fate. ' " That shall unleash, "Hell, death, & destruction," upon America, which heretofore has never been seen on planet earth; as the American people come to grips with what has just happened & continues to take place to shred & destroy their/our beloved America. There will be no place on this earth for any of these betrayers of freedom to hide...and they will run to ground in fear for their very lives;...only it will be too late for any of them. Freedom's Wiesenthal's will hunt them down & execute swift judgment upon them without compassion nor mercy.
11. Watch the next 6/7 months...they will prove to be unbelievable.

Jun 12, 2013

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