Cokedale Colorado Town of 132 - Military Taken Over for Staging and Operations

Cokedale Colorado Town of 132 - Military Taken Over for Staging and Operations

Cokedale Colorado is a small town 8 miles west of Trinidad Colorado. Population 132 with about 50 houses. 5 military flat beds are parked there, having brought in 3-4 dozers, 2-3 graders, a couple of front end loaders, 6-8 dump trucks, a bobcat, a handful of hum v's, and a tanker truck, probably for fuel. They arrived about 7-14 days ago.

They are installing culverts, reworking the dirt roads in the town, all of them at once, and have a post at the entrance of the little town. Trinidad Ambulance District vehicles and volunteer fire department vehicles were on scene as well.

It appears, the town is being reworked for quartering troops and there will probably be tents up near the small school very soon, which looks to be where the headquarters will be. This is a major operation. Every road in town is being prepared with a road base intended for heavy traffic.

The location is perfect for up river operations into the mountains or down river 8 miles to the town of Trinidad Colorado. Cokedale is at the back of Trinidad Lake and has a live stream flowing through to the lake. Water and infrastructure is provided for in this small little town. Upon entering or leaving the town, you must pass a guard shack manned by one guy sitting on his duff like he is bored out of his mind, just sitting there next to his alice pack.

For the hessian armies of satan to be in this small town in podunk almost forgotten Colorado, they are prepared in the larger cites and on the edge of something happening very soon. There are probably 10-20 construction troops working in the town at this time, suggesting an operational readiness status within a couple of weeks to possibly a month or two at the most.

There has been no stories in the two local newspapers. There are no tv stations. Las Animas County has about 15k people in it, with about 10k in Trinidad and the majority of the rest living out east in the farming and ranching towns. There were kids playing around a house in the town of Cokedale, near the troops installing a culvert in their suddenly improved dirt streets by troops, be they foreign or domestic.

On Friday of last week, the gov, military, and banks said they are prepping for collapse. Tanks, APC's, Troops, Hum V's, Helicopters, Camps, Drones, and Checkpoints are being reported in cities across the nation. The Department of Homeland Security has just ordered another 750 million rounds of ammunition, for a total of 1.4 BILLION rounds in the past year. That's enough ammo for our military to fight a 14 year war. Something is about to pop in the Middle East and the London Olympics of Babylon London closed with a song about ruling the world and a giant Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the CAULDRON as it was extinguished.

The earth is ripping apart. Massive cracks, some miles long, are appearing all over the earth. The poles are moving quickly. The mid-Atlantic and other ocean ridges, like around New Zealand, are awakening with earthquakes and volcanoes. The poles are experiencing volcanoes. Ice sheets are melting in some places and in others appearing out of nowhere. The earth is groaning with mechanical, trumpet, . Volcanoes are awakening from dormancy, 61 this year so far. Sink holes are appearing in mass world wide. Earthquakes are more frequent and devastating, with many warnings in the past few weeks of massive earthquakes to come. Intercontinental earthquakes are increasing, where they have not been before. Tornadoes and typhoons are on the rampage. Fires are on the rampage. The Mississippi is drying up as well.

Aug 14, 2012

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