China can and will "disconnect" from the US economy--from a letter to a high-level friend, July 18, 2006 :

Many have stated that China is too dependent upon trade with the United States to do anything drastic to "upset the apple cart". But those who state/believe that don't know the Chinese (or they do and are purposefully misleading others).

The Chinese have had thousands of years of cultural, economic, political, psychological, and military warfare - compared to our just over 200 years worth of bumbling, as all too often has been the case. The Chinese will wait as long as it takes, and marshall whatever resources they must, to take down an opponent - and all with a smile and a bow. The Chinese are very polished - and dare not put egg on their own faces - pity the outsider (NWO) who does!

The Chinese understand the "yin and yang" of things, the balancing of the forces, and as taught in their highest forms of martial arts and religious beliefs. And in how to use an opponent's own "force" against the opponent, preferably without the opponent knowing such, until it's too late for the opponent.

China has understood the 'greed' and 'lust for power and control' of the NWO. And as the NWO, working through the United States, sought to open China up to trade with the US, China obliged, but in full understanding of the ploy, and opened herself up to the use of some of her vast population as employees in US-based factories (or Chinese-based factories under contract with US firms) in China, such as in the making of clothing, electronics, etc.

This Chinese model of mutual cooperation has worked so effectively, that China now "owns" the US economy - even the flags we wave "in support of our troops" are made in China! (Which, is quite hypocritical of those Americans who do so. But for them, it's the thought that counts, not the reality - of which will one day lead to the deaths of millions of Americans.) Even the computer componentry within our military's weapons systems are "made in China" - and in that respect, they even now own our military!

The Chinese model has worked so well, that many US companies have not only "off-shored" their blue-collar jobs, but even their white-collar operations, into China (as well as India, Mexico, and other "cheaper" countries). Due to this loss of American jobs, not only have individual factories and office complexes been left for empty, but entire industries and economic sectors have collapsed and died, with no chance of being resurrected, at least not in the volume of operations that the US requires for its own internal use.

So, should China, for whatever reason, halt trade with the US, we are DONE! PERIOD! GAME OVER!

Many would argue, however, that in China doing so would only backfire upon the Chinese economy, since our two economies are so intertwined.

But the Chinese are not only patient in their "take down" of an opponent, they are also very thorough, leaving no rock left unturned, covering all the bases, all the angles, all the perspectives, all the details. They are "Grand Chessmasters".

The money China has made from US trade has been used to improve their infrastructure, industries, international trade - and military R&D and preparedness. And through transfers of technology, even military technology, whether through legitimate trade, or through back-door under-the-table deals, or even outright spying/espionage, China has been able to fast-forward her own technological base - until they are now, or soon will be, a direct threat to US interests - even US survival! (A recent report projected that by sometime in 2007, the Chinese will have ICBM capability to hit any city within America - even on the East coast! Couple that with North Korea's ICBM "stealth" technology just recently proven over the 4th of July, and you get the "point" that China will be able to launch many more ICBMs than North Korea ever could, and they, in coordination with each other, will hit all their targets without detection and without interception. GAME OVER for the US!)

But how could China disconnect from the US economy? And in so doing, not hurt her own rising and expanding economy?

Rather than relying on a single-source customer, China has over the years diversified her client-base (nations and corporations traded with) in preparation for her disconnect from the US. Whereas China's reserve currency was largely/mostly Federal Reserve Notes, China has diversified into a "basket" of currencies, to better protect herself from the coming disconnect from the US economy and its subsequent collapse. But there is another, more foundational means that will enable China to disconnect from the US economy (what the US at one time in its history used to back its currency) :


China has been very active in acquiring US-based scrap metals, including electronic waste, which includes gold and other precious metals. China has taken special care to melt these precious metals down into tradable commodities, such as in 'gold bullion' - the payment of choice amongst free (from the NWO) nations. China has been stockpiling gold and silver bullion in preparation for her final and complete disconnect from the US/NWO and its Federal Reserve debt-based harlot economy. China will very soon, if not already, be in a position to 'dump the dollar', wholly and completely, without any reprecussions onto herself - all the while, watching, with a smile and a bow, the US economy collapse, crash and burn - without firing a single ICBM!


Jun 13, 2013

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