Going Broke With Brokers: Dont Let The Blind Lead You.
Folks it is very interesting times that we are living in. Many have asked me why I am not currently involved in the money making trade of brokering contracts. The answer is simple, I have a heart. I can not sleep at night knowing that I am actively involved in putting thousands of client's wealth at risk. I have over the course of a few weeks helped quite a few in moving funds out of a brokerage and into real tangible assets. Every single time without fail there is always some sort of delay, or stall on the part of the broker. Often I witness first hand the tactics of humiliation and belittlement that is poured on the client for simply wanting HIS OR HER MONEY BACK!!!! This is ludicrous, why are people punished, berated and strung along simply for wanting their money in their own possession. Now remember it was not like this years ago. So what changed?

Back in 2006 a nefarious method was created by the banksters. Far as I know only a few people apart from myself have ever spoken about it over the air. That my friends is Reverse or Re-Hypothecation. Now Hypothecation as an easy example would be your mortgage. You as the borrower have pledged your dwelling as collateral to the creditor so long as you make payments the place is yours but the moment you stop the creditor can take possession. Re-Hypothecation is when a broker/dealer uses your funds as collateral for their own borrowing. Lovely isn't it? Can you say M.F. Gobal? That is precisely what has happened, Re-Hypothecation's origin goes back to the place of all deception "The City" of London. The financial central node of global-western banking. You see in the UK there is no limit to "re-hypo" but in the US the limit is, get ready for this....140% of a clients fund!!!! In other words every single penny in YOUR fund can be used up plus another 40%!!! It was not enough for these crooks to take 100% of your wealth but they needed an additional 40% more. Now I ask you, how can one possibly sleep at night knowing that one's firm is making money on the back end with their customers funds all the while telling the clients their money is there and that it is in a "low risk", "very conservative" fund? Do you think these criminals and con men are simply happy making a 1% to 2% fee off your "investments" OF COURSE NOT!!!! They have taken your funds and went gambling in the biggest casino in the world The NYSE where the dice are loaded, the cards are counted and the House always wins!!!!

Here is a shocker for you, if you get a chance to read through the IMF's report on the collapse of Lehman Bros. I suggest that you do. What you will see is that in 2007 over $4 trillion dollars where funded through US banks simply from re-hypothecation!!!! Folk did you get that?! The borrowed $1 trillion and churned it over 4 times!!! Sheer criminality they brazenly do not care!!! This is why men like me are trying to expose this system as much as possible. This is why I am against keeping anything in any broker in the US or even the UK!!! I am against it. For these banksters, the temptation is like leaving a vial full of Heroin on a table right in front of the junkie and telling them "Don't use it." when you leave the room. Folks these "financial experts" these "brokers" simply can not help themselves.

The sad truth is if you call your broker/financial adviser and he stalls on you, tries to talk you out of it, tells you to come back next week, begins to dodge your phone calls and emails. Chances are that you got scammed, your money is gone and they are either trying to steal from someone else's account to cover the loss or they are planning on getting out of dodge ala MF GLobal.

Look years ago, if these guys stalled on you or told you that you are being paranoid I understand. But in the wake of the FED's Advisory Committees" admission that they have not only screwed up the economy but that your accounts are at great risk. When you have one of the heads over at the Bank of England admit to creating the biggest bond bubble in history, these men that you trust to watch YOUR funds are either out right IDIOTS or they are the worst sort of SNAKES!!! They can NO LONGER claim IGNORANCE.

Get your money out of the BROKERS before they MAKE YOU GO BROKE!!!

You Have Been Warned.

Jun 17, 2013

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