What a fabulous Sunday night show, my wife and I will be listening to that one again and taking notes!

Good story for you: 3 weeks ago, a guy hit a whale up by Port Hardy, experienced major dental damage but otherwise going to be okay.
I spoke with his best friend yesterday and he said what really happened, was he just got up on plane in his 22 ft. Grady White (big heavy fiberglass boat) so probably approaching 30 mph when he saw the whale surfacing in front of him. No time to chop the throttle, last thing he remembered was looking down at the blowhole.
Next thing he knows somebody is holding him up in the standing position and he's looking around, wondering why his dash is smashed and there's blood everywhere. His boat doesn't steer in a straight line, the moment you let go of the wheel it curves off. However, it's going straight down the centre of Havannah channel, and it's not a very wide channel.
He turns the boat around and goes back to the dock where somebody carries him up to his house until his boys see him covered in blood and come running, at which point whoever is carrying him let's him go and he collapses in the driveway.
Nobody in the boat with him (no humans anyways) and his adult sons saw no-one.
I guess his guardian angel was working overtime that day.

Love ya Steve, keep up the good fight.

Jun 18, 2013

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