I feel led to confirm other
reports you are being given. Since we are so close to the naval base here.
But after reading your last alert about what's happening in Virginia, I
have to tell you we have seen an extraordinary amount of activity where we
are in Florida this week. Steve we have seen 10 to 12 more apache attack
helicopters carrying full pay loads, many many fighter jets non stop. Also
AWAC planes, which as you know are for communications and survailence,
which I've never seen before. We have observed five just on this past
Sunday flying very low one after the other circling the area. C130's and
c17's non stop, flying really low, one making our house shake it was so

Something else very weird. We had a garage sale this weekend, selling and
giving away everything we can't take with us, which is pretty much
everything, it's just stuff,and the Lord has instructed us to do so.
Anyway, a white unmarked police car with very dark tinted windows that you
couldn't see into pulled up right infront of our driveway. Nobody got out,
he just sat there for 5 minutes and then drove away. My spirit was very
uncomfortable and alarmed to say the least.

Something is very big is going on Steve. The Father has told us to sell
everything and go. We are leaving very very soon. There really is not much
time left before they drop the hammer. I know the Lord tells everyone
individually what they are to do and when,this is what He has shown us.
Before the end of June. Which really lines up with the time frame of the
Dougs DHS insider. We continue to pray and intercede for the people of
God. Please keep us in prayer as well.

All our love in Christ Jesus-

Jun 19, 2013

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