Prophetic True Story
I spent years of ministry working in the inner city and the projects. The Lord protected us thru many dangerous times and numerous shootings and acts of violence. I must relate one story that is true and has prophetic significance today. Our family had moved to East Nashville between a few projects and low income areas with the desire to reach the lost in these areas.
One evening our family piled into the van and was heading to a church service. We had heard several gun shots just prior to this. Unfortunately,this was a regular occurrence there. We had only driven a few blocks from our house when we were stopped by a young man. I could make out a pistol shoved in his belt under his jacket. He had been running and was short of breathe. His clothes were covered in blood.
I stopped the van and rolled down the window. He asked for a ride to a safe house down in one of the nearby projects. He informed me that his friend had just been shot, and the men that had just shot his friend were hunting him. They were driving a blue ford explorer. If we didn't get him to his safe house he would be killed.
I spoke to the sweaty blood covered youth. " I'm on my way to church. You can come with us, but that's where we're going right now.
He looked at me puzzled and frustrated. "No! You don't understand if I don't get to the Safe House they are going to kill me! You gotta help me man! They're gonna kill me, please."
I tried to get thru to the young man. " I'm going to church. You can come with me now and you' ll be safe there!"
The young man could see that I was not going to take him where he wanted to go and was not moved with fear of him. So instead of getting into the van and going to church he chose to start running toward his perceived safe house.
We proceeded to go to church. We had not even gone a block when we saw the blue ford explorer with 4 armed thugs hunting down their victim. The young man had missed his appointment with the true Living God who would have been his Safe House.
If you listen closely you can hear the footsteps of judgement coming. they are drawing closer and closer. I am now proclaiming to a generation that judgement is approaching and that they are slowly running out of time. There is a Safe House that is waiting. God is stretching out his had and calling. If you can just hear over the noise of the world, You will hear him softly calling you. Grab the hand of Jesus who is reaching out to pull you safely into his arms as he holds you in His Safe House before it is to late.

Jun 20, 2013

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